Why We should keep thirsting for things of the Spirit/Spiritual Milk

In my last my post I wrote about how we as humans should not be satisfied with where we are spiritually, in our faith, our walk with God.

Because just as in our physical endeavors, there is always room for growth, improvement in the things of the spirit. As we determine, commit and stay growing our spirit man, of what good is it to us?

  • Seamless communication with the Father-Our heavenly father is a spirit and to truly know Him, to see Him, to have good communication with Him our spirit man needs to be alive. It is like using a mobile phone, we can not communicate with our friends and family without a sim card on our mobile devices. Moreso, we constantly need to top up with time or credit to have our lines active and working.

When we give our lives to Jesus Christ, our spirit man receives some level of life which could be likened to the sim card here. At this state, we can probably start to understand the basic things of the Kingdom but then we would still need to figure out how God speaks to us, what God needs us to do at certain points and so on,

Constantly feeding our spirit man gives it an enabling ground for growth. Picture this, God who is seated high up in heaven, speaking to us down here on earth and remember God is a spirit. Still picturing it, Imagine nurturing a spirit man who is 20feet tall and growing, there would definitely will be no barrier with your communication line from heaven. Because your spirit man is high up, standing tall always ready to tap and receive from heaven,

This way, heaven, God is directly breathing on us through our spirit man.

    • Angelic Encounters– Spiritual growth makes us sensitive to things of the spirit, it increases our discerning abilities.  Many of the friends of God in the bible met with angels and acted accordingly and were blessed. For example, Abraham was sensitive enough to invite the three men he saw while he rested under the trees of Mamre- Gen 18:1-22. He was sensitive enough to cater to them and he was greatly blessed by their visit.  The bible even tells us of the possibility of meeting with angels in our daily routines without even knowing it. Understandably, the world is full of evil and there may be concerns or fears about inviting strangers into your home or extending your arms to help a stranger Hebrews 13: 2 But this why our spirit man has to grow! Once it recognizes people from heaven, it will leap, it will tell us and we would be able to act accordingly.   May God help us oh.
  • Heavenly Glow– There is something I have noticed about true men of God, it seems like they do not age. They always have this kind of glow that I cannot explain, I’d like to call it the heavenly glow. I so want in on that!

A classic example is Moses, who when he stayed with God on the mountain top 40days and night and he came down from the mountain glowing. His beauty could not be beheld by human eyes. Others include  David, Daniel, Joseph, Esther,  it is my understanding that these people were beautiful looking, they had a different kind of glow upon their lives, body, soul, and spirit. They all dedicated time to fellowship with God, to renew their minds, to feed their spirit.

  • God’s Divine Presence– Oh! Beautiful is the presence of God, no fear lives here, depression doesn’t. Libration, boundless joy, peace inexplicable and many more come with the presence of God.

A growing spirit man means, a dying flesh, a life of holiness, a life dedicated and committed to pleasing God. The spirit of God definitely will thrive in such a life and His presence is a beautiful inexplicable feeling and experience.

In all you do, aim to be overshadowed with God’s presence and stay there.

  • Fresh & brand new Ideas and Experience– The spirit of the Lord is the spirit of creativity. And the spirit of the Lord hovered over the waters, then He spoke light, heaven, and earth into existence. Every single time that there was the Holy spirit encountering an individual in the Bible, remarkable things were to follow.   Innovation stems from our minds where our spirits breed. When our minds and spirits are constantly tuned to the mind of God, there will be newness every day. The joy that you feel, the peace that you feel, the great ideas that you birth will be brand new. This changing world that we are in, it is necessary to keep innovating, be at peace at all times.

The list goes on and on but let’s keep feeding our spirit man, let us keep growing in faith, righteousness and the things of the Kingdom, so help us, God

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