How to fill the void you know exists.

I remember as a teenager who was not exactly allowed to explore or go out much by my parents, I wanted to grow up so fast.

I’d say to myself, “I so cannot wait to leave this house and be in the university”. Then the university life that I could not wait to live came and I found myself saying, “I so cannot wait to leave the four corners of this school and start to earn good money”

I got my first job and I was ecstatic about it, but not too long I started to want more, crave more. And the wants, the needs go on and on, it is endless…..

I think in some Economics class I took, I was told that it had to do with the allocation and appropriation of scarce resources to satisfy man’s unending needs.

Science, social science identifies that every human just cannot be satisfied in this life. It’s not a curse, we always want more, we always want to keep going. Even the word of God affirms this theory that I am writing about- man’s eyes can never see enough to be satisfied neither our hears hear enough Ecclesiastes 1:8

It is fantastic to keep moving, keep achieving, keep leveling those milestones but there is an inert void in every man crying out to be filled.  I am not talking about the void your wife, husband, children or friends and family fill.


As a Christian, it is not just okay to remain the same, to be satisfied with the knowledge of God when you just got saved(as newborn babies, we should crave for more of the spiritual milk to enhance our maturity and knowledge of God– I Peter 2:2-3).

Just like you chase after higher levels in this life which will never ever satisfy you. Chase after God who is big enough to fill your thirst and hunger.

It’s not okay to just have a surface knowledge of God, go deeper, know more of God. If He shows you a part of Him today, probe more, ask Him to show you more of Him.

He does reveal Himself to those who seek Him with all their hearts, He does. Lord! God is beautiful, you want to keep knowing Him, do not stop there. Do not stop at your present knowledge of God.

And if you do not know about this God I speak about, you are missing out on life, in a beautiful life. Accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior today.

I know talk is cheap and it’s easier said than to get the did done; but how can you keep knowing God, to keep drinking from His well of Salvation.

  • Have the desire, pray for the desire– I have come to understand that living this new life in Jesus Christ is absolutely not human strength or power. For the longest time in the university, I believe it was my third year in school I knew I wanted to know God more. I knew I did not just want to be a Sunday church goer. I remember seeing some young people around me who loved God with their hearts and I loved what I saw. Then, I would always tell God to help me to know Him more, I’d express my desires to Him. Little strides here and there and God has helped me thus far, and He keeps helping me.

Express your emotions and your feelings to want to Know God more and tell Him to help you.  Also, ask Him to fill your heart with the desire to want to know Him more. He would help you, He would in Jesus name.

  • Surround yourself with People who Know God– This is such a beautiful thing to have in your life! A circle of friends that have different levels of knowledge of God. I have only a few, very few but I am thankful for them, God put them in my life, He answered my prayers. When I have conversations with these people, I am usually marveled by the parts of the scripture, God that I did not know.

Having these kinds of people around helps to keep the fire burning, helps sharpen your sword, motivates you to keep pushing towards the cross, encourages you to keep your focus on Jesus. I tell you it is lovely to have them around.

If you do not have them yet, keep calm. You can always take everything to God in prayer, ask God to bring to you Godly friends and He would in Jesus name.

  • Purpose in your heart to keep seeking after God– This means setting realistic goals all in the aim to be closer to God. For example, you could purpose to read three chapters a day, you could purpose to pick a day of the week to fast and just talk to God. There are different dimensions to it.  Set certain goals for yourself, write them down and pray to God, ask Him to help you to achieve them. He sure would answer your prayers in Jesus name. 

Remember having a strong relationship with God is as easy as having a relationship with any close friends that you may have.

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