How to Keep doing good Even in the face of Evil. (Tired of Doing Good? Read This)

The above scripture may be easier said than done for many of us, and for others it could mean nothing to them. And for some, it is a lifestyle, may the good Lord keep blessing as you live this way in Jesus name.

A girl who was raped by her own brother, molested by her uncle could look at this scripture funny. Like what are you talking about?

A boy who has suffered multiple bullying, hate speeches from people he has always been kind to could look at this scripture like trash.

A man who has been betrayed by the ones he loves could throw this scripture into the the dustbin

I truly understand how hard it could be as a human to give love to the world when all you have received from it is hate, rejection, betrayal, evil and so on.

But close your eyes for a split second and imagine if the whole world was filled with those people that hurt you and keep hurting you. Imagine if there were no good people like you in the world. It would be such a great disaster.

I hope that through this blog post, you are reminded of how good you are, how good you can still be till the end of the world through christ who strengthens you.

Let me start by telling you that this world is darkness, hence people of this world have the tendencies to think dark thoughts and act likewise. But you! are a child of light, you need not stoop low to their darkness, shine your light.

Secondly, you are not the first person who is so kind and going about doing good but is still antagonized by people for no reason. Joseph was a sharp young boy, who meant well and did good to his family but his brothers sold him into slavery. In Fact he had just brought them their lunch when they initially schemed to kill him and finally decided to sell him into slavery.

But when it was his turn to pay them back in their own coin, he chose to do good. That must have been hard, you are probably thinking.

Young David was another young boy who saved his town from the claws of a giant who was attacking them- goliath. He was a young boy full of life, enjoyed playing musical instruments. He did it so good, King Saul invited him to play for him whenever he was oppressed in his spirit. David went about doing good, but he got evil in return from King Saul.

The woman with the alabaster box filled with expensive perfume only wanted to worship Jesus, appreciate Him for His good works. But for some reasons the disciples went for her, probably poured out words at her out of anger. Thank God for Jesus who saw this and spoke to them about how to act right.

Then “grand de le grande” of them all Jesus Christ who the bible tells us went about only doing good and sharing the good news with everyone. He suffered persecution, rejection, shame, open disgrace for absolutely nothing, Jesus’s kind heart I pray for in Jesus name.

On the cross where He was literally dehumanized, He spoke to God about the people who did nothing but evil to Him. Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do.

Lord! the peak of doing good regardless of what you have received from the world.

I won’t lie sometimes, I get the feeling of wanting people to just have a taste of the evil they do to others but God does not what this. The cycle of non-stop evil will just continue to perpetuate the world even deeper if we continue “giving an eye for eye” or “a tooth for a tooth”.

So How can we be in the habit of doing good?

  • Allow our minds to be transformed daily by the Holy Spirit and Love of God: All of our actions start from our minds. Hence we should feed our minds with the word of God daily, meditate on these words, gradually our minds become transformed and tuned to the things God wants us to do like doing good always. Moreso, let us allow your minds, body, soul to experience the love of God to it’s fullest.The bible tells us that the Love of God is shed abroad in our hearts abundantly by the Holy spirit. And this love, holds no record of wrong, it does no evil. As you study the bible daily, this love will flow freely through us and in us and we would be able to show love to the world regardless of what they have shown us. May the Almighty help us to keep at it; reading His word and thinking about His words only in Jesus name.
  • Do not succumb to your flesh:That part of you that wants to do evil, or pay back evil for evil is your flesh. Your spirit which is rejuvenated definitely will not want to take part in any evil. I understand that daily and constantly, our minds is the battle field between our flesh and our spirits. But through the strength you have drawn from feeding on the word of God, you are able to overcome your flesh and do good regardless. The Lord will keep helping us in Jesus name.
  • Ask yourself Questions: Before you act, you probably want to ask yourself questions like- Can I still call myself a good person after this act? Will my father in heaven be happy with me? Am I spreading love or hate? Am I about to continue a cycle of evil or good? Let us learn to ask ourselves important questions like these before we act. May the good Lord help us to stay guided and guarded in Jesus name.
  • Focus on the bigger picture: The scripture above tells us that in due time we would reap good if we have been constantly sowing good seeds. It may not look like it initially but the examples I mentioned above: Joseph, David, the woman with the alabaster box, Jesus Christ all reaped good, bountiful good in fact. Although it took awhile, they were rewarded greatly for their good deeds. Moreso, there is a truck load of other examples of people who kept or keep doing good regardless and they get good in return eventually. It may not look like it initially but keep your focus on the big picture, the great picture of barns and barns of good harvests. May the good Lord help keep our eyes on our great bigger picture and help us to keep doing good in our present in Jesus name.
  • Learn to Walk away: You just got stepped on by someone on the bus or brushed hard by somebody on the street, there may be the urge for you to flare up or confront the fellow. I understand, but sometimes it is just great to walk away. You could get to your room, close the door and scream or vent at your wall. Get it all out or better still, talk to God about it. This is something I am learning to do, when I get angered or irritated by someone,I try my best to stay calm, get home and I vent it all out to my Jesus, I know He listens. I am also learning to take instructions from Him on how to handle such. Bottom line, let us learn to just walk away from unnecessary confrontation. You can always come back and speak about what the person did in love and resolve it amicably. May the good Lord help us.
  • Ask God for wisdom and help: This! This is the power source for us, ladies and gentlemen. Because we cannot do any of the above without the help of God. God has told us that if we lack wisdom, we should ask for it. He would give us. James 1:5 . In all honesty, we would need the wisdom of God to handle some wicked people who just want to keep hurting us. So let us not be weary in asking God for wisdom, okay? Something common in the lives of “our good doing” heroes today, is their constant dependence on God. These people constantly sought the face of God for everything, they were not ashamed to ask God for help. Because they understood this power source thing I just mentioned. There so much of the power of God released everytime we pray to Him, moreso when we ask for His help. He is ever ready to help us.

Therefore, as we go into year 2020 and even the new decade let doing always be our charge. I pray the good Lord will help us to always do good and we shall reap all of our reward for doing good in Jesus name.

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  1. Hey Bimbola!
    Just thought to drop by.

    Thanks for sharing this post. Like you said, the world is filled with darkness. And I’m learning that you can’t predict how people will react to you, but we must do our own because God wills us so. We can’t do this by power or might but by His grace alone.

    Like you also mentioned, learn to walk away. Not everything must be addressed. I’ve learned that the more we keep transforming and changing into the image of Christ within us, the more it would be easier to not get easily provoked or angered within us. God begins to heal us from the internal weaknesses that binds us until we are free to love others the way Christ loves us.

    1. Hi Itunu!

      Thank you for dropping by đŸ™‚

      You are absolutely right, we sure can’t do good always neither can we love others the way Christ loves us by our power or might.
      May God keep helping us in Jesus name.

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