Three things to learn from the life of Joseph

Have you imagined the things Joseph, the son of Jacob(later on called Israel) would say if he were interviewed today? For example, what do you think he would say if he was asked to advise young people now?

I read his story again during the week and pictured him saying, “A life of service draws you closer to your divine destiny. That was how I became the prime minister of Egypt, a country where or which I was not a citizen. It was my life of service, my compassion for my neighbor and my sync with the Holy Spirit that helped me become what I am today. “😊

These were the things I imagined him saying. I will analyze everything the Holy spirit laid in my heart as I read Joseph’s story during the week. I hope you learn a thing or two that is if you do not already know them, I hope it motivates, inspires or encourages you as you read in Jesus name.

There is so much wisdom in this saying, “To find yourself is to lose yourself in service to God and man

Although I had written about Joseph’s story here and some things to learn from. It seems like we just cannot stop learning from his story.

Joseph was his father’s favorite child, he was loved dearly by his father and he could have been a spoilt child if he wanted to. He could have been a lazy child also if he wanted to after all His father was wealthy, and he would probably inherit a good portion of his father’s wealth.

But Joseph decided to serve, to serve his brothers, to serve his family. It was when he took food to his brothers that he was sold to the traders who eventually sold him to the Egyptians. He got to Egypt also and still served in the house of Potiphar, he got to the prison and still served in the Prison.

He lived his life in humble service to God and man, all these experiences helped shape and prepare him for his ultimate destiny of being the next in command to Pharoh in Egypt.

I do not believe that God gave us life in abundance to just squander it, I believe He gave us so much time, energy, money, skills and so on in order for us to share with others. Even if it feels like that you are being used, as long as God approves of the process for you, then trust Him to bring you to an expected end.

I have heard of wealthy people who clean the toilets in the church and even do more in service to God and society, nobody should feel too big to serve God or a community.

Robert K.Greenleaf even said, “Good leaders must first become good servants.”

Ultimately, Jesus Christ, my/our role model said He came not to be served but He came to serve and to give His life ultimately as ransom for many. Mark 10:45

And Jesus Christ instructs us, He says our freedom in him is not just to please our flesh and worldly desires but it has been given to us to serve others with love. Galatians 5:13

Love was something, Joseph had and expressed, the God type of love. The kind of love that Paul described in I Corinthians 13:4-13

It was out of love and compassion Joseph saw that the King’s butler and baker were sad and he cared enough to ask and offer a solution. This simple act of care took him to the King’s palace and made him the head of affairs in a country he was not a citizen. This simple show of love helped to save thousands of lives from famine; in Egypt and even outside Egypt.

The last but the most important, Joseph had a relationship with God, he was in so much sync with God, that was how he was able to interpret the dreams he was told. It was because of his sync with God he was able to tap into the wisdom of God to profer solution and save the world from famine.

May God help us to fulfill our destinies as we serve Him and man in Jesus name.










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