Ẹsẹ ó Jésù! -Thank you Jesus

As Cliche as it may sound, it does feel like last month when I was writing about how thankful I was about the end of the year 2017. And my song was Reckless love, Steffany  Gretzinger’s Version. I was super super excited and I was really hopeful for the things God would do in my life in the coming year.

I am thankful to my God that at the end of this year 2018,  it feels or seems like it had been a smooth year. But the thing is God has put so much joy in my heart and life and I do not remember some really dark nights for me in 2018.

It was as I was speaking with my friend Olamide Olajide, I remembered how really sad and confused I got. This began about a month to my 24th birthday :). It only got worse and worse till I decided to just face my God, I decided to seek His face as regards my confusion.

I went off social media for about two weeks, restrained from the crowd to be just with my God. My Lord! It was refreshing, I would like to believe that was the highlight of my year 2018. That was when I was the closest with God.  I thank God that my sadness and confusion drew me closer to Him and not far away from Him.

Omo! I did try again subsequently to get that close to God, but it just did not work.  🙁

It was in this place the Holy Spirit hit me with this bible verse that I have known all my life but made no sense to me.

Psalms 23:3True to His word, You will let me catch my breath and send me in the right direction. Psalms 23 made too much sense to me, it ministered to my soul and life in that period. I remember laughing hysterically on the toilet seat in tears when this bible verse hit me. It really was the worst and the best time of my year 2018.

In this place, did I birth this beautiful piece- Dear God

I did go through a number of challenges and uncertainties all year round, I just cannot remember details right now.

And yeah! This was the year I finished reading my bible for the first time.

I am just really grateful to God for keeping my family and I. I am thankful to Him for beautiful people He keeps surrounding me with.

He leaves me in awe at how He works His wonders.

I am thankful to Him for opening doors for me where I least expected.

I am thankful to Him for the grace to grow in wisdom and understanding of who He is.

I am thankful that He drew me closer to prayer, the source of power as a Christian.

Olúwa mí, ẹsẹ oh!! *rolling on the floor left to right and from right to left.

You should praise Him for He is good, He really is a good God.


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