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Dear God…..

Dear God,

I am absolutely thankful for the past year, you sure have led me in your path of righteousness. You have spoken to me amazing ways,i know you more. But there is alot to know for sure.

I am super super thankful for that year you saved me! My 22nd year on planet earth
Lord! I am thankful for your light, freedom from darkness

The knowledge of being free in you. The knowledge of you bursts my brain, sets my heart on fire just for you.

I am super super thankful Lord.

As i wrapped up on my 23rd year , I swinged through confusion. But in this you brought me deep revelation.

I tried lord! I tried to stay strong and not fret. I apologize deeply for letting the devil’s vices- doubt and anxiety.

I am deeply sorry for not trusting you completely. Although I said it, talked it, walked it. In my closet, in the confines of my mind I did otherwise and you saw it all I know
I am so so sorry Lord, please forgive me.

Still, you were and still is with me. You Brought me to a place of great strength, Lord! I love you!

Certain details of my life still looks or seems hazy but I know you are leading me on that path of righteousness.

You let me catch my breathe and set me on that path Lord,allowing my life to bring nothing but glory to your name.

Lord! I thank you, I love you !

Apologies for not thanking you enough lord. You have been my shield, protector,provider.

I met amazing people I am so thankful for. You gave me the capacity to serve you more, the ability to learn at your feet.

I am thankful for your presence as i lived.

As i enroute deeper and deeper on this walk with you until eternity. Lord be my guide, let your light and word continually light my path.

Break my heart for the things that break your heart. Fill me till there is none of me and just all of you radiating through my life.

Do not ever let me go, Lord!

Eternity is not long enough for me to have a full grasp of who you are. You unfold to your children, to me morning after morning.

Your glory, beauty and splendor is fresh and new every day!!!

Lord!!! You are amazing. My deepest want is for me to remain in your presence, to be with you, you with me, inside me and all around me till eternity. Invade me in fact.

*Praise bag as I’d like to tagg myself. I pray for the grace to praise you even in my darkest times.

I pray for joy unending sourced from you and you only; joy that springs from deep within and spreads like wild fire to those around me.

I pray I do not waver from your presence. I pray you inform my every step. I pray confusion and the tides of this world do not pull me from your presence.

All of you, all of you lord I want.

If I am just about to take that wrong move, Grabb me lord!!!

Grab me, fling me!

Set me in the right direction.
Your path of righteousness
For your name sake lord- psalm 23:3

My life would bring nothing but glory and adoration to your name in Jesus name.

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