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AWAMARIDI – The God we know who knows it all but cannot be completely known

 Glory! Glory! Glory!                        

To the God who oversees the universe but still cannot be seen 

Glory to the King of kings who is far too kind but cannot be repaid with kindness. 
Praises to the most High King who owns all the wealth of this world, but does not purchase anything with any currency.

Our God who possesses all the wisdom in the world, but uses foolishness to confound even the “wise”  

Our God who uses the the earth as His footstool, but His feet cannot be touched.

Our God who fills a room with His presence but we cannot see

Our God whose speech resounds like thunder but there is no rain

Our God who shines so bright but cannot be seen

Our God who speaks so loudly but cannot be heard by everyone but His friends.

Our God who is seated high above the heavens but still hears the cry of His children from earth.

Our God who answers by fire but does not consume His children

Our God who speaks through a burning bush to His child 
The same God who consumes His child’s enemies with fire

Our God who gives strength to the weak and weakens the wicked

He is greatly to be praised !
A God who lives in the praises of His people with no roof or rooms

A God who sees, knows the beginning and the end but takes His children through a process

A God who prunes His children to produce beautiful fruits

A God who takes His children through crushing to produce sweet wine

A God who gives His ninety year old daughter a son

A God who gives a stutter utterances before a King and thousands of individuals.

A God who caused a storm in the sea to give way for His children

The same God who caused a storm in the sea to cease to give way for His children.

A God who caused walls to fall by a mere march round the walls

A God who gives possession of lands to His children by mere stepping on them

A God who gives salvation freely by confession and believe in Him

A God who listens to all the billions of children He has, all at the same time.

Incredible God! 
A God whose knowledge is so deep, no matter how long we search we cannot not know it all

A God who wants His Children to diligently seek Him, yet He is not far from us

His arms so wide to save us

His ears so big to hear us

His eyes so sharp to see us all

He desires for us to please Him, yet He gives us free-will

God has revealed Himself to His children who have lived

He keeps revealing Himself to His living children

He would reveal Himself to His children to come

Like an onion,
bit by bit, He reveals Himself to us
He is a Mystery,
Beautiful Mystery
We can drink of Him and Be filled,
Yet this world cannot contain His glory
He cannot be contained,
He cannot be limited.
He is the God who we know who knows everything but we just cannot completely know Him

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