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Red Fruits from the Fig Tree (Prose)

Roses are red

so are the colors of what my fruits should be

ripely and beautifully formed

from the days, weeks and months of pruning

Pruning of the fig tree I should fall off from.

Months of standing tall

Under bright sunlight and moderate winter exposure

Days of heaven breathing over me

Days of taking deep root in the dark humid soil

from where these fruits should stem from,

and take life from.

Red should be the color of the fruits that should be seen on me,

In me, around me, over me.

Red symbolic of the the love of that works out great things

love that works out faith, endurance, patience,

Love that works out joy, peace, kindness,

Love that works out faithfulness, gentleness, self control.

Here I am gorgeously standing,

with the sun giving me that Godly glow.

My green leaves shining and stretched out in pride,

making so much noise,

going up, down, back and center

calling out for people to come.

Come! screams my leaves

Come see what I have!

Afar off, I look like the most brilliant tree in the vineyard

I stand high and tall in the park.

I am so easily spotted

You’d recognize me from any spot .

I have a track record of attracting men and women to myself

Only to leave them in their tracks, disappointed!

Because, noise is all I make.

Charisma is all I feign,

Outward beauty is all I have

I am empty

I lack Content or fruits that can be  juiced

The red fruits I spoke about Initially,

the ones I am supposed to have in abundance

I do not have them.


I do not allow myself to be quiet for awhile

to listen to the times and seasons.

I do not allow myself to be worked upon

I do not allow myself to take deep roots,

I am so shallow in my grafting

The breathe of heaven I spoke about,

I only let it touch my leaves.

My branches have a feel of it too

But I do not take it in, let it sink in

to give my roots and core life

The life that it needs to bear juicy beautiful fruits in due season

The breathe of life that makes me beautiful inside and outside

The breathe of life life that makes people see me afar off, up-close and still smile

Hence forth, I have decided not to be deceptive with my outward appearance.

I have given to really deep grafting into the through source of life

The type of grafting that fills me up and makes me a blessing to those around me

I have given myself to springing up in the cool of the morning to listen to the beautiful sounds and voice from heaven

Because that is where life comes from.

That is where the power to bear fruits comes from.

I have given myself to retreating  at the dawn of the day,

reflecting on the day’s activities and giving ears to what heaven has to say.

I have given myself to proper pruning.

Because I cannot just be a fig tree that is lifeless and without fruit

I cannot live with the burden and curse that comes from not fulfilling what God has put me here to do .

I have committed to flourish like the trees planted by streams of water, yielding fruits in due season. Psalm 1:3

So help me God.

Yours, The fig Tree.

Inspired by the story of the fig tree( Mark 11:12-25)

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