20 Dreams and Interpretations

Thinking hard about it, I really did not pay attention to my dreams prior to 2016; I cannot exactly remember having a dream life.

Three years into my new life with Jesus Christ, I understand the importance of having a dream life  & understanding dreams.

In 2016 when I was applying to jobs, I noticed a pattern whenever I went for an interview. I had this particular dream after such interviews; I always saw myself in my high school in the dream. I did not pay as much attention to it as I should have initially until I realized a pattern.

Fast forward to now; I have some understanding of certain dreams thanks to the Ministry I fellowship in, some personal experience & my mother:).

Today, I will be sharing with you some generic dreams and what they may mean. Before I delve into that, it is worthy to mention that dreams can come from two main sources:

  1. Dreams from God
  2. Dreams from the devil

I believe God is always speaking to us only if we paid attention to Him often, so often times God speaks to us in our dreams when we are the least distracted by anything when we are in our mode of rest.

It is in our stillness that we can clearly hear and Know God. Psalm 46:10

The devil and his cohort also pick the period when we are vulnerable to plant evil into lives. The Bible tells us while men slept, the enemy came to sow weeds among the wheat that had been planted. Matthew 13:25

God showed Joseph what he would become through dreams, Joseph was able to save the world from famine because of his ability to interpret the dreams of the King.

Daniel by the spirit of God inside of him and upon him, he was able to interpret the dream of the King of Babylon. God also spoke to Daniel through dreams- Daniel 7, 8, 10

It is one thing to be able to explain what a dream is telling you and another thing to act upon them.

Generally, when you have bad dreams, confess this word of Lord Isaiah 7:7– “Thus saith the Lord God, It shall not stand, neither shall it come to pass”.  And of course, pray against the manifestation of an evil dream.

For the good dreams, praise God for the good things He is set to do in your life and keep praying & working until you see the manifestation of the good things God has shown you.

Back to the dreams and their Interpretations;

  1.  Seeing myself back in my high school long after I had graduated was a sign of retrogression, backwardness, failure. Seeing oneself in an old place where one used to work or live or school means failure.
  2. Seeing ripe fruits means blessings
  3. Seeing yourself in moving a vehicle or a beautifully completed building means advancement, progress.
  4. Seeing one’s hand being cut off means non-achievement
  5. Seeing oneself in an uncompleted building or in a broken down vehicle means stagnation.
  6. A woman who sees herself plucking fruits means pregnancy
  7. Climbing mountains to the end mean victory, not being able to climb to the end or falling off the mountain means defeat.
  8. Conducting examinations in the dream mean failure
  9. Seeing shoes in the dream is a symbol of one’s marital destiny. Seeing yourself bare-footed or looking for your shoes or having a bad shoe isn’t a good sign. Seeing beautiful shoes is a good sign maritally.
  10. Plucking pepper in the dream or wearing a red outfit means affliction
  11. If a married woman’s headgear is stolen in the dream, the enemy wants to kill her husband
  12. Our hair is a symbol of our glory, having  it being shaved is a sign of evil manipulation
  13. Seeing your hair nicely & slickly done is a good sign of course. 🙂
  14. Wearing rags in the dream is a symbol of filth- burn every spiritual rag
  15. Being chased by dogs is a symbol of sexual immorality.
  16. Eating in the dream means the enemy is feeding one with poisons. Purge your system of any spiritual poison whenever this happens
  17. Being shot in the dream means spiritual attacks which could be made manifest physically.
  18. For someone who is married who sees himself/herself conducting another marriage ceremony in the dream is a sign of marital turbulence.
  19. Pockets with holes or stolen money in the dream is a sign of poverty.
  20. Seeing yourself naked in the dream means exposure to spiritual attacks

This list goes on, some dreams are explicit and easy to understand. Please let us pay attention to our dream lives and if we do not understand pray to God for understanding like Daniel & his friends and take actions. Daniel 2:16-23

May God help us in Jesus name.

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