What if God does not recognize your voice

Listening to the testimony of a man who walked into the claws of the devil in Victoria Island, Lagos got me thinking all week.

He boarded a bus going to Obalende, Lagos from Victoria Island and he found himself at Ijebu, Ogun state to be slaughtered for sacrifice. There were three of them, the first who was a doctor was beheaded on the first day.

Although, the doctor tried to negotiate with them- saying he would give them blood from his hospital. But they said they wanted blood drained from pain.

This man who wrote his testimony said he kept praying, singing hymns and reciting Romans 10:13

Whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved

Praise Jesus, for the man was saved! But I kept thinking what if God did not recognize his voice? What if he was a stray worshipper of God who did not have a relationship with God.

Allow me to paint the picture I want you to see. A friend of mine who I speak to on a regular will recognize my voice even in his/her sleep and will be willing to help me at any time if I got into trouble.

But somebody who I called on only when I needed something, will get to a point of irritation he/she would stop picking my calls.

If you are in that kind of relationship with God, please and please make amends.

The next verse of the chapter goes ahead to even say, “ How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them”

You first need to believe in the name of the Lord to have the right to call on His name and be saved. Believing Him means, you have surrendered your all to Him, it means you are engrafted into a new life with Him through Jesus Christ.

Then you can call upon His name and be saved!

However, what if God decided not to save the brother at that time because God has all power in His hands and He is merciful to whoever He wants. Where would he go to? Heaven or Hell?

If your life was to end today, where will you be spending eternity? Heaven or Hell.

We really should be living our lives in that consciousness, this is not a time to be seated on the fence. We all should be on fire or cold for God. May the good Lord help us to stay on fire for Him in Jesus name.

One more thing that stood for me was the fact that in the midst of chaos he had the wisdom to send a text to a friend of his to start interceding on his behalf.

How many of your friends can you reach out to pray with or pray for you or even share the word of God with? Having a tight circle of children of God just like Daniel is so essential in our walk with God.

For many reasons, it so essential to have them. If you cannot locate them, pray to God to bring them to you. For the longest time, last year, I kept praying about this and I see God answering my prayers.

Let us endeavor to choose our friends wisely.

May God help us all in Jesus name.


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