The Thing about Solitude and Talking and Listening to God there

Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed Mark 1:35

And Deborah would sit under the palm tree of Deborah between Ramah and Bethel in the Mountains of Ephraim. And the children of Israel came up to her for judgement Judges 4:5

The above is just to cite a couple of Prophets who led by examples. In fact, All true prophets and children of God will understand the role of solitude, spending alone time with God just seeking His face and not the things He can give us.

God is a gentle and calm God, Jesus came in flesh to show us what God could look like if He were human. Jesus took His strides gently, there was never a portion of the bible that told us Jesus was in a rush to do anything.

Deborah, a great prophetess of her time spent time under the tree. I can only imagine how peaceful that was, how she had conversations with God over there. It must have been pure bliss. She was so competent, great men and women came to her to hear what the Lord had to say concerning certain things.

Oh! That we may all me able to retreat under a tree or go to a secluded place daily to talk and listen to God .

Overall God is a calm and gentle God, that’s probably the reason He speaks to His children in calmness, when they are away from all the noise, chaos of this world.

Most times, it is usually in our dreams God has a chance to speak with us because that’s about the only time we get to be calm and in a state of rest.

But I sure know God would love to talk to us as many times in a day as He can. Only if He could, only if He could get our attention.

Imagine only being able to catch the attention of your lover, friend, parent only when they are asleep? Tragic and sad.

As a friend of God, I bet He wants to speak with us every time! If you are not friends with Him yet, you are missing a great lot, you can become friends with Him by saying this short prayer.

So what is this thing about solitude and speaking with God?

Science has shown that being able to recoil by ourselves to decompress helps our bodies and mental health alot and even helps to rejuvenate our bodies, spirit and mind. From this place of solitude springs up beautiful and fresh ideas.

Now Imagine spending this alone time with God daily, the God with the Spirit of creativity, the all knowing God, the almighty, all powerful !

The men and women of God who did this were recorded to walk in purpose while they did great exploit for God.

  • Inexplicable Calmness in your Spirit man which permeates to your outer man: Jesus was griefed in His Spirit about the destiny ahead of Him, it was about time for Him to be crucified. He went into solitude to cry out to His father in heaven, perhaps the cup could pass over Him. But It had been decided by heaven that it would not, it had to happen for the salvation of mankind. Matthew 26:36-50 When it was time for Jesus to be led away by his betrayal and the soldiers, He was so calm. I am convinced it was the power of God that had passed through Him during that moment of confinement that helped Him. Because one of His beloved friends who was with Him at that point, probably out of anger drew out a sword to cut off the ear of one the soldiers. Only if His friend had listened to Him when Jesus told them to pray along with Him too, the spirit of calmness from God could have rested upon them at that time.

Writing from experience too, there is this fresh calmness that comes from spending a good time with God. It does not necessarily mean you would not come back to our busy routine but there is just this calmness that helps you handle everything ahead of you in that stride of calmness, it is a beautiful feeling I tell you.

Again, I say here, if you are not friends with Jesus yet, you are missing a lot. Say this short prayer here to become friends with my Jesus.

  • Indescribable beauty and brightness: Moses came down from mount Sinai after spending alone with God and He was overshadowed with so much light from God . Daniel is another beautiful young man, who the bible described to be handsome, intelligent and quick to learn. The bible also tells us that three times a day, Daniel had mapped out time out of his busy schedule to pray to His God, the Almighty. Daniel 6:10. Definitely all that time He was spending with God, the spirit of God was breathing upon him continually, beautifying him and giving him so much knowledge and poise.

  • Deep Revelations and Instructions: It was while Deborah spent time alone with God under that tree that God spoke to her about strategies for Israel to win the battle against Sisera – Judges 4:6-7. Many other friends of God in the bible were able to see beyond the ordinary eyes while they spent time in solitude talking to God. In this moment that we spend with God, we can ask questions and get revelations about our past, present or future that could help us thrive in this life. God could also give us certain instructions to carry out for our own good.

  • New Strength: Elijah, a great prophet of the Lord, at a point in his life felt dejected. And he went to be by himself, where he told God how he exactly felt; he felt like dying. But came through for Him, God renewed his strength and he was able to confront the battle he ran away from. The same thing goes for us, Jesus’friends, instead of complaining about that situation or sliding into depression. Go spend some quality time with God and talk to Him about it, also wait to listen to Him and what He has to say. They that wait upon the Lord, He shall renew their strength, they Shall Mount Up with Wings of Eagles, they Shall Run and Not Be Weary Walk faintIsaiah 40:31
  • Divine Encounters: In as much as God can choose to encounter men and women at expected or unexpected times. Those who seek Him wholeheartedly will encounter Him, He tells us so in His word- Jeremiah 29:13. And no man can see God and remain the same, no man. Prophet Isaiah saw the Lord and he was able to give life changing prophecies that have come to pass and are still coming to pass. We have great examples in our generation today.

May God help us to decide in our hearts to make time for Him and follow through with our plans in Jesus name.


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