Confession And Prayer Unto Salvation

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for opening my eyes now, to see you in your full glory.

I am deeply sorry I kept you out of my life this long.

I am so sorry I kept causing you so much pain for this long,

I am so sorry my life has not exactly made you happy.

I confess all my sins ( you could go ahead to name them)

I confess that you are Lord,

I confess you, Jesus, as my saviour,

I confess you, Jesus, as my friend.

Please forgive me, wash me in your blood.

Write my name in the book of life.

Help me henceforth to live a life that pleases you in Jesus name.


If you said this prayer, you can send me an email to ask any questions that you may have or find a Christ believing and living Church near you. God bless you

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