How to stay above an ever evolving world.

Being a Christian can be so amazing. You know, basking in the presence of the most high God, just enjoying His goodness every day.

I can go weeks just really excited, elated in my spirit which transcends to my physical being and carriage. The emmision of Joy could be like a hundred /a hundred.

No! Those times, days are the days I live for; just to remain in my bubble with Jesus. A place where I am not affected or touched by the cares of this world or whatever negatives around me.

Then all of a sudden, from nowhere my bubble gets attacked. Just a fiery dart of the devil sends me tumbling and summersaulting in my bubble. Crazy thoughts and ideas starts flying all over my mind. I am human after all.

Just because the dart of the enemy pricked my shoulder or knee I begin to panick, begin to doubt my Jesus. I begin to worry I am all alone again.

The one who made this beautiful bubble in which I live in, the one who has sustained me, the one who has made me extremely happy with no trace of pain whatsoever, Proverbs 10:22  

This dart throws me off balance for awhile and I struggle to regain balance in my space. I find myself struggling to go back to my Jesus-happy “bubbly” self or grow above the attack from the enemy.

I struggle….I struggle…..I struggle…not to drown into this cold, tidal world.

As I struggle to remain steady or just stay afloat, I feel a tap on my shoulder.

I look back.

Then a firm voice says to me, I will never leave you, I will never abandon you. I am your helper, do not be afraid. What can anyone do to you? Nothing!

Now think about your leaders who have told you about me, think about how they have lived their lives and try to imitate their faith. Because I who helped them, I’ll help you now and I will keep helping you and all my children. Hebrews 13:5-8

Fear not my child, hold my hands and stay calm.

Jesus Christ is saying all these to you who may be going through some difficulties at the moment. Listen to Him, obey Him and trust Him  😉



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