Redeeming the Mercies of God which are new every Morning

During the cause of the week, I learnt more about favor and mercy that is obtainable from God.

I got a deeper understanding or more like a pictorial description and understanding of what it means to enjoy God’s mercy and favor.

According to Apostle Joshua Selma, it is a system put in place by God to compress and collapse time for His children.

This post will be sharing my understanding of the favor and mercy of God to you and I’d give some biblical examples, hopefully the spirit of God breathes upon you and increases your understanding in Jesus name.

A man’s spirit controls his physical body, the spiritual realm controls the physical realm. Things happen in the spirit realm way before they come into manifestation for our eyes to behold.

I also know that as God created every man, He has written scripts of what every man’s life should be like and I know for a fact that God’s scripts for His children are of good and never evil.

These scripts that God has written concerning every man can only be accessed through communication with God. God is a spirit and to communicate with God effectively, our spirit man needs to be alive and sharp to hear clearly and directly from God. God’s word to us says that our spirit man is the lamp of God, searching and examining all the innermost being of God- Proverbs 20:27

It’s a great thing if we all knew these scripts, God’s scripts for our lives. The devil knows very well about these scripts and he is working tirelessly to sabotage God’s scripts from playing out in our lives. Oh! He is working so hard

But then it is such a sad thing when God’s children do not know of God’s wonderful plans or when we miss our lines or roles in this life. That is not the essence of this post though

While the devil is  trying to frustrate God’s plans for our lives, we just may have lost some time, missed out on certain opportunities, suffered some setbacks, gone through unnecessary hardship  and so on

For example, God may have written that a Ade would attend college for only four years, but these forces because of their wicked reasons would work hard to elongate Ade’s college experience to maybe ten years.

Of course! Ade would have missed out on many opportunities he could have taken advantage of within the space of six years

But this favor of God, this mercy of God, He put it in place to restore the years the canker-worm and palmerworm might have stolen from His children Joel 2:25 and He gives His children double honor for whatever trouble or shame they might have been through. Isaiah 61:7

Therefore Favor and mercy of God causes a woman who had been waiting for the manifestation of  children God had promised her for 10 years to have triplets all at once.

Mercy and favor of God is what causes  Ade, who has been struggling with College for ten years to land a job where he earns x 5 of what his mates who had gone ahead of him are earning.

The mercy and favor of God for His children is new everyday, I am made to understand and I know- Lamentations 3:22-23 

It is up to us to utilize His mercies and and favor which He has made available to us fresh, brand new everyday.

How Can we Redeem God’s Favor and Mercy?

  • Pray For it- Jacob knew his life should have been way better than what it was before he had an encounter with God. He had been blessed, but it seemed the full manifestation of the blessings and promises of God for his life were not just forthcoming. He had spent about twenty years at Laban’s house serving him which should and could have been shorter. There had to be recovery, Jacob fought his way through till dawn. He wrestled with God,he prevailed and became Israel overnight, his life changed for the best over night.

How can we wrestle with God and prevail? In the place of prayer! Ask God for His mercies and favor and be persistent about it.

  • Examine and learn from the Life of Jesus- In Luke 2:52, God tells us how His son, Jesus kept increasing in wisdom,stature and favor with God and man. This really hit home, Jesus kept redeeming favor everyday of His life. Not only from God but from man, His life is worth emulating, let us just go and study about Him and how He lived His life that attracted an unending amount of favor plus wisdom.

Moreover, Jesus Christ is about the only one who can say, He played out every script of His life and He lived only thirty-three years. He died fulfilling everything God had written concerning His life. God give us grace, mercy and favor in Jesus name.

  • Flee from all forms of sin- Joseph was favored by God to the extent that Potiphar’s house prospered from the favor flowing out of Joseph’s life. Genesis 39:3-5 Joseph purposed in his heart not to defile his life with sin, he fled at the sight of sin.

This favor of God was what worked for him and elevated him to the position of a prime minister in a country he wasn’t a citizen. All his lost years in the prison without his family was recovered.

If he had fallen into temptation, sinned against God, the story would have been different and probably a sad one.

  • Be a Prophet to yourself and Believe the prophets of God- There is so much power in our tongue, therefore we should speak only great and God’s will for our lives. Confess that you will enjoy the favor and mercies of God daily.

The true Prophets of God are God’s mouthpiece here in earth, therefore we should believe them when they speak God’s will into our lives (prophecy)

Believe in the Lord your God and you shall be established; believe his prophets, so shall ye prosper. II Chronicles 20:20

Confess your sin, you shall obtain mercy– Proverbs 28:13

You can listen to the message I spoke about here It is a message with so much power and life. May the good Lord favor us and be merciful unto us in Jesus name.




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