Put Away every Anxiety and Fear

Where are we in a rush to?

Where are we running to?

To go to the grave?

To go to heaven?

Not just yet!

I thought so too.

Our God is a God of seasons and times

Each season revealing who God is

Our God who is the cloud over our lives in the morning,

Our God who is a fiery fire around our lives in the night time.

Our God who is purer than the whitest snow during the winter

Our God who pours out His love over us during the raining season

Our God who wraps His arms round about us during the cold

Our God who overshadows our lives with His glory as the sun shines

Just look at God!

Look at Him in whatever season of your life you might be right now.

He is showing you who is, Who He will be and continue to be

In your life

He has it all His hands

Why are we so in a rush?

Why do we begin to fidget, shiver, worry and become anxious for nothing?

He controls it all

And He doesn’t rush to do things

He takes His time, there is absolutely nowhere He is rushing to

He is a boss like that!

He is a God of perfection

Working out all the intricate details

Pruning all the weed,

Watering our vineyard,

Squeezing out the juice,

Tendering to every detail of our lives

Ensuring that we are just perfect

Perfect for that next job

perfect for the more money

Perfect for that spouse,

Perfect to cater for that child,

Perfect to have that leadership position.

He doesn’t want us to ruin all that with our hands

He doesn’t want us to live with the burden of losing a perfect gift

minutes after you cupped it

Be patient, Be strong, Be courageous

He has eternity in His hands

He can cause time to stop, cause it to continue

So be rest assured the time for you to “cupp” that gift is coming

wait on Him, trust Him

He has everything in control.


Remain strong, confident and determined, because you will lead a generation that will worship God. Joshua 1:6






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