365 days ago, I  met this man

A man filled with the spirit of the living God

A man about to change my life forever

The way he stared at me

The way he looked straight in my eyes

His charm was not from this world

It was heavenly,

It had to be heavenly

It was heavenly, he had the spirit of God in Him

So did his charm

He said hi

And I said hi back

He asked me a question

I could have answered with a mono-syllable

But nope!

I went all out to give an answer and explain my answer


His charm was taking a toll on me.

He spent 30seconds with me and his trail stayed with me

I wanted to spend more time with him

The investigator in me, went around researching about this man

This man who approvingly badged into my life

And stirred up my curiosity

I slept off on this fateful, thinking a lot about this man

Hoping I’d see him again

Hoping I’d talk to him again

Imagined the blurry future with him


Then finally dismissed the thought,

Thinking of the possibility that he might be married.

The third day after Mr. X popped into my life

and disappeared after 30seconds, he slides into my DM

You cannot imagine my thrill on this day.

seated at my office desk, my colleague could not believe my excitement.

My crush just slid into my Direct messages(DM)

This! Rarely happens

Not every day does a girl get her crush sliding into her dm.

Lord! We talked every day

My crush was an investigator just like me


The blurry future I imagined began to look so real and surreal at the same time

The pictures clearer, future so bright

No shades needed

No telescopes needed.

Almost drowned in my emotions and the charm of my new crush

I had to seek the advice of my all-knowing friend

My friend who could see way into the future with no telescope

My friend who had the fixed puzzle of the future in His palms

My friend who has the map of the future in view always

I asked Him about my new crush.

I ran my imagined future through Him

Showed Him the picture I had painted

He laughed, told me it was beautiful

He sat me down,

And spoke to me in a way He had never done before

Looked me straight in the eye

Stretched His hand,

To hold me by my shoulder

And told me

No way

Your future picture doesn't look like that.

That was the beginning of the demolition of my castle.


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