Truths about the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the third person in the holy trinity; God the father, God the son-Jesus Christ and then the Holy spirit.

I have established that we all are spirits living in our bodies. In as much as we are spirit beings, so many other kinds of spirits exist in this life, in this world seeking for human bodies to live in. So whatever kind of spirit possesses your body, then the characteristics of such spirits is what you would exhibit.

The Holy Spirit is the spirit of God, the spirit of Counsel,

The spirit of might and power

The spirit of discernment

The spirit of comfort

The spirit of light

The spirit of truth

The spirit of inspiration

The spirit behind spiritual gifts- healing the sick, wise counsel, discerning spirits..

The list is endless actually.

Imagine all these yummy goodness possessing your life….

Even Jesus Christ Himself needed this Holy Spirit to go about His ministry on earth- Isaiah 11:6

Then the spirit came upon Him and He was able to set free the oppressed, comfort the broken hearted, heal the blind – Luke 4:18

Getting God’s spirit to live inside you to be a part of you is called the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Being ignorant costs a lot though; the evidence of possession of the Holy Spirit is speaking in heavenly languages. My mummy would burst in “these” tongues at church services and I thought it was embarrassing, I thought she was drawing unnecessary attention to us.

Oh! How I foolish I was.

To think I eventually craved for this experience myself some few years forward….

Right after my water baptism, the next stage was Holy Ghost baptism.

Ironically, we were gathered in an opening at the top of the building we had church service that day. I went for the meeting really expectant, I wanted power, and I wanted the Holy Ghost baptism. I was not as enlightened about His workings then though, but I just really wanted it.

I was so focused on the prayers; waiting for me to burst in tongues, everyone around me had gotten baptized.

The room was filled with voices in different tongues, and I was just there like….

The meeting ended, I went home unhappy.

So yeah, the pastors mentioned if we did not get the baptism of the Holy Ghost at that meeting, it didn’t matter. We could come back the next Sunday, keep asking God for it.

I got to my room, threw my stuff on my bed, knelt before God and asked for the baptism of the Holy Ghost. I prayed earnestly for a few minutes, and then slept off.

I had a dream, some men in black tried to harass and then I started to speak in tongues I had never spoken before. These men ran away, thinking about it right now. It’s pretty hilarious. And it just hit me, that was pretty much the confirmation of God’s power I possess now in my new life.

I woke up from my sleep and I spoke in tongues for a long while, no count of the time, but I felt my chest expand and was being filled with some kind of peace. It felt really, really good. Better than a bowl of ice-cream 😁

The difference between a Christian and a powerful Christian is the workings of the Holy Spirit in such a life.

He (The Holy spirit) strengthens our spirit being, keeps it alive, and helps us live lives that please your creator. A winning life!

I also learnt speaking in tongues which is evidence of the presence of the Holy Spirit is conversing with God in some secret encoded heavenly language. The devil cannot decode the heavenly language.

The perfect will of God is the thing that can happen to any human, because the thoughts of God for us are a good end. Praying in the language of the Holy Spirit means praying in accordance with the perfect will of God at that time.

The Holy Spirit also strengthens us to pray. There are times when we just might not know what to pray about or how to go about praying. Call on Him, and He’d come through.

The Holy Spirit, the spirit of God gives directives and direction. You just cannot go wrong with the leading of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit brings to remembrance things we need to recollect, just ask Him.

The Holy Spirit brings comforting in our lowest moments.

The Holy Spirit makes all sleeping gifts and talents inherent in our lives come alive

The workings of the Holy Spirit is endless, I tell you. As sons and daughters of God, the Holy Spirit and His workings in our lives is showmanship of God’s greatness.

It will do us a lot of good than God for us to get the in filling of the Holy Spirit.

I pray we get the grace to exercise our power as Christians

Abimbola Ayodele




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