Asa; a King who sought to please God

The tribe of Judah had a good number of kings, some who were loyal to God and others who just did not acknowledge God.

King Asa, was one king who sought to please God in all his endeavors, he also led his subjects in ways pleasing to God. It was recorded in the books of Kings of Judah that this city experienced peace for the first 10years that he ruled and a good number of years into his reign.

No war, no troubles, no divisions, they all engaged themselves in things that pleased God.

The other day while I read through this chapter of the bible (I Chronicles 14), I put down some note worthy things King Asa did and I have decided to share today.

Asa made God and His will priority-Asa removed all foreign and pagan altars of worship, he commanded that his subjects centered their lives round the King of Kings-God. For as long as they all did this, the whole of Judah experienced peace from God.

For we modern day Christians, our minds or our workplace or even our bedrooms might be our pagan altars where we worship our spouse, our jobs, our friends, our gadgets or whatever it is that may exalt itself above God in our lives.

What is that thing that comes to mind first when we jump or roll out of bed? That might just be your god.

What is that thing that takes so much of your time, you barely have a “me and you” time with God? That might just be it.

Can we take a cue from King Asa, place God way above everything, and let Him be the first person you talk to in the morning. It could just be a simple thank you God, thank you Jesus for seeing me through the night and waking me this morning. Watch things fall in amazing places for you that day. 🙂

He has told us, Seek the kingdom of God and every other thing you desire shall be added.

In the midst of peace, Asa fortified his city– Baba did not go to rest oh! When I say baba, I mean King Asa, he apparently did not go to sleep because everything was well with his city. Nope!he built a solid defense system because he knew the enemy could attack at anytime.

Just like the city of Judah, we have those good days when everything is just calm, things are going smoothly just as we want and we are just basking in God’s glory. Good stuff, amazing stuff but the truth is that the devil is roaming, looking for an opportunity to spring up some nasty surprises. So it is essential we fortify our lives, minds, souls even in the midst of plenty and peace,

How? Feed on God’s word daily, cover yourself with the blood of Jesus and pray every day asking for guidance and protection.

God is not moved by numbersEventually the Ethiopians came in their numbers against Judah. They were numbered a million and three hundred chariots against five hundred and eighty men from Judah.

Then Asa prayed to God, he acknowledged that God is not moved or intimidated by numbers. God will fight for whomever He decides to fight for. Asa cried to God for help and he put all his trust in God.

God fought for the Judean army and defeated the Ethiopian army.

No matter how overwhelming the attack of the enemy might be, it sure isn’t bigger than God whose throne is in heaven and the earth is His foot-stool. Just cry  to God for all the help you need and trust Him completely to fight for you and give you victory.






Don’t fret or worry. Instead of worrying, pray. Let petitions and praises shape your worries into prayers, letting God know your concerns.`~ Philippians 4:6( The message bible)

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