Sometimes I think to myself….can I just skip this part of my life and get to where and when I spend eternity in rest with God?

How many of you all feel or think like that?

I just wish there was some fast forward remote for my life and I could just get there already.

Sigh! Oh! Well…. I need to die empty.

God has not created me for nothing. As He molded and crafted me, He put loads of virtues inside of me that needs to be exhausted on this earth. Taking anyone of it back to Him would be a great waste and misuse of my life. Moreover, it would not please Him one bit.

It’s like keeping money in the bank without investing or reinvesting it. That’s just not maximum utility of one’s resources, your money would just not grow.

God wants us to maximally utilize the gifts and talents He has bestowed upon us. Take a look at the story of the 3 talents- Matthew 25:14-25

So instead on dwelling so much on the things not working in our lives, let us endeavor to focus on living our “purposeful” lives. I say us, because i speak to myself as well.

Anyways, you are not alone my friend, if you feel so burdened with so much at once. God is with you as He is with me.

Jesus went through as much if not more what we can ever go through in this life.

But as He went through this life, He ensured He died empty, He died fulfilling all that Heaven wrote about Him. I strongly believe this is why Jesus proclaimed, It is finished! on the cross as He breathed His last- John 19:30

During a time like this i am reminded that as Jesus died, He gave up His spirit, the Holy spirit for you and I. So that as we receive Him into our lives, we are strengthened and guided on our journey of living purposefully. You can read a few about the Holy Spirit here

I am awakened in my spirit to pray for as many people who might feel overwhelmed with all the troubles of this life. May the Holy spirit Himself strengthen you to thrive and achieve the things heaven as written about you in Jesus name.


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