Truths About My New Birth

My new birth is the most beautiful event that has happened to me, it is the landmark of other significant things that has happened and things that will happen; I know this.
A new birth means for a man’s spirit to come alive, to be awakened, for God’s light to shine through a man’s spirit.
If you did not know, you and I, we all are spirit beings with souls living inside a body. Your spirit is the supernatural connection between you and God or the devil. The state of your spirit determines who has connection with you, who has access and authority over your life. God or the devil.
I had my re-birth May 2016; well the process started way before.

The Initiation
The first step to a new birth is believing first that Jesus Christ made the ultimate sacrifice for our souls years ago. He was bruised so we may not languish in pain; He died so we can live again. Yes, first believe in this and you are on track.
I already believed in Him way before but I had not completely given Him access to my life nor trusted Him completely. I joined foundational class, began to read God’s word. I believe His words hit my soul and spirit and began to do its work of transformation.  God’s words alone are powerful, they give life.I just realized certain things did not interest me, I wanted more of God, my parents noticed and so did my friends.
So I sealed the deal, I went to be baptized by water in the name of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I was immersed in a pool of water signifying the death of old me, old spirit. I was raised, to signify the birth of my new spirit. Gods spirit within me.
It is essential for every believer to be baptized of water by immersion.

My spirit comes alive
You probably are waiting to read some magnificent things that happened right after my new birth. Well this did not happen immediately, but things did happen, great things happen and are still going to happen. Someone born of God’s spirit cannot lead a normal life; a new life with Gods spirit would have too many supernatural things, victories, miracles and more to talk about.
I became sensitive to know when God was speaking to me, became repulsed by certain things I know God detests.
The working of the Holy Spirit awakens your spirit which had been killed by sin, helps you lead a life that brings you peace and makes God happy.
I began to get direction from Him and I wrote them down. A dead spirit would never know when God is speaking or even hear Him or what He sounds like. The beautiful thing about getting direction from God is that He already knows the end of the road before you decided to journey on that that road.

God told me through my mum to leave my job at that time; it did not make any sense to anybody. There was no option, no plan B, I was just supposed to leave. Well I could have decided to stay and I would not have grown as I have now. I listened to God…. I was pretty much sensitive to His leading, I am thankful for the Holy Spirit who lives within me now.

Six months down the line, I got a job I did not qualify for; It did not look golden from the entrance. But I have grown; I am doing things I would not have done if I had stayed back at my previous job, I have learnt a lot and of course! I am doing very well, if you know what I mean.

Dormant Gifts and Talents Begin to work
I do not think it was coincidental that it was after my new birth I started to write and post on my blog “” I also started speaking to teenagers, I would have died of shyness previously. I am allowing God work on me; I am working with Him too.
I’d just insert here, do not just stop at your new-birth. You’d need to keep exercising, eating right to stay fit and grow healthy.

Every individual God created He has put in him or her gifts and talents for use to bring glory to His name. So do not think you are talentless or ordinary. The working of God in your life, the awakening of your spirit awakens your gifts also.

Not so Rosy
I honestly do not mean to scare you. But It might come with some challenges, the good thing is you would overcome- God is with you. What I learnt was the devil really is not happy when there is a new convert, when he sees a soul has be won for God, when he realizes you can see the light and you would begin to utilize the power and authority you had but did not know about.

Six months I was home, attending job interviews, wrote a professional examination. At this time I had started to work on my relationship with God. This period, I recorded the most number of failures in my life. I sat for an exam I knew, I was so sure I aced. LOOL! I got the result and flunked, went for interviews, seemed like I did well. I had two I was too sure, I got them. But then…..Nope

Yeah, to think surrendering all to Jesus, you would have everything rosy. Nope, my dear. These things taught me to trust Him completely even in bleakness. I remember during a worship service ( I wrote about this sometime ago) I started to cry as the lead singer opened her mouth to worship, I cried not because I was overwhelmed with His presence, I was overwhelmed with my failures.

Fast forward to November, I got an amazing job I did not qualify for, I am doing very well 

I am trying to say my darling, the devil might want to struggle for you, your soul after you have surrendered all, paint God bad and all. Don’t give in, God is with you. It is just for a very short while, God’s glory that will be revealed will be way greater than the tough times you might be going through, trust me. I have been there.

The Baptism of the Holy Ghost
There is a difference between the Holy Spirit living inside of you and the Holy Spirit descending on an individual. I have mentioned that the Holy Spirit helps you live right, the Holy Spirit upon you, your spirit gives you the strength to do thing ordinarily you could not have done.
The Baptism of the Holy Spirit gives every new born power, it can your spirit from age 0 to like 100 in one day.
II think I would just write about this next week, I cannot over emphasize this. I would advise every believer new or old to get this baptism.

Meanwhile do you have questions about having a new life with God at the centre? Drop a comment, send me a mail.
I would also love to hear your experiences as a new born

May God make you and I a mysterious wonder in our generation.

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