To Continue or not to continue in SIN

A mother who brings her child into this world most often feels a very deep connection between herself and her child. Most mothers want that connection to stay intact, untouched, unshaken, unmoved. They’d shower their child with so much love and care, nurture the child no matter how old and grown the child would eventually become.

These mothers shower their children with so much love and affection, it would bring them so much joy when the love is reciprocated.Even if it isn’t reciprocated, mothers love their children regardless.

I believe that is why it is often said that “a mother’s is love is the greatest” – towards her child. It is unconditional, it is patient, it holds no wrong against her child, it would do absolutely anything within its capacity to make her child happy.

But I put it to you that God’s love is the greatest! John 15:13 It is similar to a mother’s love and even more. Nonetheless, this should not be a license for us to keep breaking His heart.

When God made you and I, He shared His breathe with us so that we could stay connected with Him. His heart’s desire is for us to stay in touch with Him through His spirit alive in us.

When we have a functioning relationship with God, you can freely have conversations with Him. Conversations with a God who knows everything about this world and our lives, conversation with a God who owns and created everything beautiful that we see. I do not think there can be anything more “lit” than having such a relationship.

But different things happen that comes to disrupt this beautiful plan of God- a thriving relationship with Him.

What are these things-

a. Deception – It is extremely sad that I am in a generation with many people being deceived and distracted by the things of this world. A generation that is blinded by the devices and crafts of the devil. It is appalling to see how sexualized, perverse, ungodly my generation is becoming.

But then many people do not see and know that this path is the way to destruction, they think it is all fun and games.


Jesus is the way, the truth and life!

b. Fear – Immediately a child realizes that he or she has done something, he/she tends to go into hiding for fear of what his/her parents would do. This most often is the case with us with God too, we are often discouraged to continue to press on with on with our relationship with God when we do things He doesn’t like nor approve of.

Sadly, fear was introduced the day Adam and Eve disobeyed God, they went into hiding after the repercussion of what they had done hit them.

c. Shifting Blames– When God came down in His usual manner to converse with His children. He of course knew where they were, but He probably was giving them a chance to confess their sins. But Adam went ahead to blame,Eve for his disobedience.

He could have acknowledged his sin there and there and just asked for forgiveness instead of trying to exonerate himself by blaming Eve.

We often times try to throw blames around to people other than us. It doesn’t change anything regardless.

d. Guilt– Adam and Eve must have felt some level of guilt, hence their hiding technique to cope with the situation. Most of us could probably relate with this feeling. Some of us feel the pang of guilt and think to ourselves, God can never forgive me for this! Let me just continue since God would never forgive me.

All these factors are illusions, illusions created by our minds which are longer in tune with the mind of God and the devil- whose goal is to crash the relationship we have with God.

As you read this, I hope and pray that you are reminded that God’s love is unconditional. But continuing in sin deprives us of His many blessings because His blessings are conditional.

It is just like a child who has wealthy parents but because he is not in good terms with his “folks” he cannot make his requests known to his parents. As a teenager, I struggled in this situation because I fought with my folks a lot, then when it was time to ask for the things I wanted, it was such a hard task to do

What is the use of having wealthy parents and not be able to enjoy the wealth?

What is the use of a good good father, when you cannot ask Him for things or just have a conversation with Him?

Like I said earlier, God’s love for you and I is unconditional. No matter what it is you have done, He does not think less of us but He’d love you to speak to Him about your wrong doings.

Confess your sins to Him and ask for forgiveness and while we do that, we should make up our minds not to do those dirty things again.

We should also ask Him for the grace not to indulge in our sinful nature. He listens and He answers.

May the good Lord who sent His only son to die for our sins as atonement give us grace to live right in Jesus name.

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