God’s plan for you and I is to fellowship with us daily. You know have conversations with us but then things happened and broke that communication at the beginning of time. Talk for another day…

But of course God loves us so much He just could not let the distance be, He just could not let nothing come between Him and you or myself. Hence He put in place various ways to hear from Him, to know His mind, to be led by Him into truths, victories, success et al

Contrary to the way many of us think or assume it is extremely hard to see God’s hand or hear from Him. God speaks to us in diverse ways daily. We only need to pay attention to see Him and hear Him. God is so amazing, I like to use the word amazing a lot though😌 Did you notice?

But really He is such an amazing God, being in a relationship with Him is the best thing that can happen to anyone. He tells you things before they happen. I’d be going through my day, something I had seen a dream happens and I’m like oh! This is it; this was what you were trying to tell me.

I put it to you that before God does something, He tells His friend or child about it. Before Abraham became the wealthy man that he was, before he had Isaac, God had told him about it.

God had showed Joseph in his dream the kind of success he would be way before he became 2nd in command in Egypt.

God told Moses about the deliverance of the Israelites from slavery way before they crossed the red sea, confirmation of their freedom.

God told Prophet Isaiah about the birth of Jesus Christ way before Mary got betrothed to Joseph.

Jesus, who is God in flesh, told His disciples the power of the Holy Spirit that would descend upon them way before the day of Pentecost.

The list is endless my friend, I started off in my last post with the ways to go about asking God for His opinions. In continuation I am highlighting the ways He gives you His answers

Through His word (The Holy Bible) – It is called the living word for a reason; it meets our every need, every! Name it, you’d find it in His word. Every word in the bible was God-breathed, so reading it is reading God’s mind. It is getting answers from God to whatever questions it is you have, correcting our mistakes~ II Timothy 3:16

Like I said earlier, ask Him, He would lead you to the answers to your questions in His word.

Inspired Literature-books, poems, devotionals- God has poured out His spirit to a number of available men in our generation. These men then write God’s mind in terms, languages easy for us to comprehend. I use Mountain Top daily devotional, going through it today I read about the Joseph’s story. It hit me that the that asides being a friend of God, the secret for Joseph’s success was God’s presence. Somebody else could have read it and gotten a different insight but that was God’s word for me today. God’s presence attracts favor and success to a man’s life.

Many good books written by God-filled people also answer questions we have examples are- God is a match maker by Derek & Ruth Prince, How can you know the will of God by Kenneth E hagin, Lioness Arising by Lisa Bevere just to mention a few. These were books written by the inspiration of God that met my needs at different times.

Inspired Art- Pretty pictures just always attracts everyone with an eye for nice things. I like the YouVersion app a lot because of the beautiful pictures uploaded everyday with God’s word inscribed inside. As trivial as it may seem, they go a long way in reminding me of God’s word. I could be going through a long day, mere looking at God’s word in color brings me life.

I remember this day vividly, I had broken down like a baby in my toilet at work. Then I decided to just take a glance at my app. Oh! What relief I got. The verse of the day was Philippians 4:9, God was telling me He was with me; all I needed to do was focus on beautiful, gracious things. My mood moved from zero to a hundred in seconds. When you are going through certain things, you talked to God about it. Then you stumble on that piece of art that addresses the burden, God led you to the answer you needed.

A sermon- Before I leave my house for church I always say this short prayer, Lord please encounter me differently. Because there really are many sides to God, a beautiful art I saw somewhere does not say it any less. Serving God is the greatest adventure in the world. I am learning new truths about God everyday. Other days when a certain burden just would not leave my chest. My short prayer still persists; God knows I am asking for an answer, His word. He always comes through. Ever been at a church service and you are thinking to yourself, this is just for me, this is just what I needed?

Hmmn hmn! God used that preacher to speak to your situation

A mentor or Friend– God has used some really good friends who have helped me grow, to understand certain things. For example I did not know the importance of the Holy Spirit; I had this friend who kept talking to me about Him. I did not sink in immediately, but with time, it began to make sense. God educated me about the Holy Spirit through my friend. God told me to try out hymns, instead of focusing just on contemporary Christian music through a friend 😊

A Godly friend sure would give godly counsel when you need it.

Music– God dwells in the worship and praise of His people. God literally is in any form of music that His name is glorified. God’s presence in these songs speaks blessings, edification, healing, and freedom into our lives.

Dreams– Because we humans are so busy and choked up, we hardly have times when we are still. God comes to us in our dreams. He uses this medium to tell us things to happen. Every dream that you have is really important, it is pointing you to something. Take note of them, pray about them, ask God for clarification, you could speak to someone Godly about them.

For example I realize shoes in the dream signify an individual’s marital life. Your head of course represents your splendor, an individual in a moving vehicle is good speed in success, the list is endless.

Take notes of your dreams, God is telling you something through them

Conscience (Holy Spirit)- The Holy spirit is the counselor, He is the spirit of God, He is the spirit of truth. Every believer who has been baptized with the Holy Spirit has Him living inside him/her. He becomes predominant in your life, so He is there to counsel you, guide you, and comfort you. Answer all the questions that you have.

But when the Friend comes, the spirit of the truth, He will take you by the hand and guide you into all truth there is.~ John 16:13 I pray we hear and understand when God speaks to us in Jesus name.

Do not hesitate to ask me your questions ☺️

Abimbola Ayodele

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