I really have been lazy all week to memorize the verse of the week- Philippians 3:9

This gym life could be draining, you know. I get back home feeling really tired and I just want to sleep but I remember I have an accountability partner I have to recite my verse to on Saturday. Therefore, I cannot come and fall my hand.

It really is good to have an accountability partner when you set goals.

Anyways, I got to studying this verse last night, and it got me thinking, pondering- righteousness that comes through having faith in Jesus Christ. I slept off thinking about this verse.

Only to wake up to God speaking to me about the verse through my Mountain Top Devotional.

The title is “Turning the hands of God”, the text is Exodus 4:9-17- it is the story of Moses when he was initially called by God to go deliver His children from oppression. Moses doubted that he had the capability to speak to Pharaoh, let alone deliver and lead the multitude of the Israelites. God probably was unhappy with Moses at that point, because for a second he doubted.

Righteousness for me has always meant to be in right standing with God, you know to do the things that pleased God.

This verse is a reminder that having faith in Jesus Christ, in God is also pleasing to God, for without faith it is impossible to please God. Hebrews 11:16

Now Paul is taking his walk with God to a higher level by saying he would not just obey the commands of God but he will live in constant faith in God, no matter how unbelievable the situation may be.

This is a level we all should probably be operating on.

How do I keep having faith in God and His promises for our lives? By hearing the word of God-keep listening to men of God, men of faith, listen to the bible, read the bible, have conversations with people with great faith. All these and the likes increases our faith.



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