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New Beginning

There is nothing like the peace of God! Like knowing everything will be fine because God “gat” me and I “gat” God. I reminisce over the last year and I am so thankful for the salvation of my soul. I am thankful for every pain I went through, every tear I shed, everything cause they all have shaped me thus far.
Like I don’t handle nothing, I just leave everything in God’s hands and trust Him completely.

The way He comes through for me ehn! It’s too amazing, I wouldn’t be able to express the magnanimity in words only
Exactly this same time last year, LOOL!  I think about it and laugh, marvel at God’s hand in my life. I was in a state of disarray, breezing through each day of my life. I questioned God a lot, I cried alot , from one depressing state to yet another one. It’s a feeling I don’t want to remember. But I am extremely thankful, that journey brought me closer to my God.

I’d like to believe God orchestrated everything from the start, everything happened for my good.
So far, its been a beautiful 2017, no exaggerations I tell you. The turn of things bursts my head, like I said earlier God just keeps showing up, taking up my fights. My pastor categorized believers into three

A. Less than conquerors; all they do is cry and worry and rely on their own strength and intellect. They end up just like me earlier last year, depressed, questioning God, confused, defeated.
B. Conquerors; These people fight life’s battles with God on their side, these are mountain movers via their faith in God.
C. More than conquerors; these people leave everything in God’s hands, saying God take the wheel yo! Fight this one. This is where I want to remain. December 2016/ January 2017 . This Is how I have felt, more than a conqueror. God shows me something way before it happens and when I see it I am just like what!! Yo maine! That was what you showed me the other time.

God really does reveal things to His children before He does things, isn’t it amazing to have that kind of access, it even gets better, having conversations with God is where I want to be.
God knows the beginning, the middle, the end, fostering a relationship with God is the best thing that can happen to any human

I am extremely happy, extremely joyous for the salvation of my soul, the feeling is indescribable, I tell you.


This year has been prophesied to be a year of Indisputable victory and uncommon deliverance for those who love and trust God.
There is no life that hasn’t and won’t go through challenges, these things shape us, make us stronger, they take us to the next level of our lives.
I really will love for as many as read this post to submit all to God the creator of the heavens and the earth. Strive to live a life that pleases God, talk to Him about the slightest worries, doubt that you have. Crying and worrying does not solve anything, I know this for sure. Talking to God about it makes things a lot better. Just close your eyes, focus on Him and speak, He listens and can hear you.
This may be the most incoherent post I have on here but if you do not understand nothing, I am trying to say please surrender your life to Jesus Christ who laid His life for you on the cross of Calvary so that you can have victory over death, tribulations, depression and all them vices of the devil.
Let us take this walk through 2017 with God the father, the son and the Holy Spirit.  I promise you the walk of your life, I promise, it will be worth every bit of it😄

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Isaiah 41:10-  Fear not,  for I am with thee, be not be dismayed, for I am Thy God: I will strengthen thee, I will help thee,I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness

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