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Light on a Lampstand

Reminiscing good times from way back in university during christmas carol nights. We all sang christmas carols merrily, anticipating the good tidings the yuletide will bring. The most glorious of the night’s events is when we have to light our candles. The vice chancellor lights eveyone’s candle with his, better put, the whole school with a population of thousands is lit by one man-the vice chancellor. Ofcourse! he does not go round lighting everyone’s candle. He shares his light with one and it is passed round the school in an ordely manner. Everyone is so happy and wants to share his/her light with everybody within reach. The whole stadium is so lit and beautiful.

You all will agree with me that the scenario above is an effective means of lighting the school for the occassion within the shortest possible time

Now let us assume we had a perfect world-all things being equal, everybody is bothered about the next person’s unlit candle. A world where everybody wants the whole world to be lit,a world where i will share my light with the next person and the light is passed on to the next and the next and the next and so on. Did you go with me to this perfect world? Didnt you see how beautiful it is over there?  Can the world we live in be that lit?

There is this theory my favourite book establishes- “You are the light of world”, It is a practicable theory actually. Given that all our actions does affect the people around us conciously or sub-consciously. The effects of these actions i have  grouped into positive and negative. The positive, good effects are synonymous to being the light of the world. This same book goes on to explain that a lamp is not lit to be hidden, a lamp is lit to be set on a lampstand so as to give light to everybody in the room.

This is how we should live our lives, we should live our lives in consideration of the people around us. We should constantly think, act, speak in ways that will  light up your neighbours’ world. Your neighbour who has recieved all the goodness and kindness from you will definately share the love with whoever he comes in contact with and the goodness spreads.

You have heard of transferred aggression? As the phrase implies- intense anger, bitterness,strife passed from one perosn to the next and so on. ‘Transferred aggression’ does have an opposite, ‘Light on a lampstand’.

I think you and i should  endaveour to light our lamps because whether you like it or not, a whole generation needs you to light your lamp and pass it on. You can not afford to operate below your full potentials or be idle or nasty.tThe world will remain dim if you do not light up your lamp . Just like the earth revolves round the sun, people revolve round our actions. Dont just light your lamp, set it on a lamp stand, pass the light on.

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