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In My Mind

My mind is the most poweful part of body, i have lived with my mind a couple of decades now. Yes! i said lived with. i still live with though. It feels like another life in there, where everything and anything goes on. Even things that are yet to physically manifest, about to  or things of the past cohabitate in our minds. My mind coordinates all body activities, internal and external. For example; my mind says to my body, “you are tired baby girl,you better sleep!” Almost immediately, my body responds to the cravings of my mind, except my body puts up a fight. off! i go to sleep and so on as my mind leads.

I can attest to the fact that every good or bad thing an individual does is a function of his/her mind, it all starts in the mind they say. This relationship can be expressed math-wise ; A= f(m)

where A is an individual’s attitude or behaviour and (m) is the almighty mind.

The way we dress, attitude, reaction to situations,choice of food, where we go and so on are reflections of our minds

I can not start to emphasize the might our minds have, it is the inception of greatness or destruction depending on the path we allow our minds to take.

In my mind i can be a bird soaring way above the clouds, i can be swimming under the deepest of oceans. In my mind i can be a speaker, i can be the first female president in Nigeria,i can be a counsellor or even a medical doctor.In my mind i can be a writer, i can have conversations with myself, i can have conversations with the most high.

In my mind i can fall hopelessly in love, erupt like a volcano. In my mind i can be as calm as the sea, roar like a lioness,run as fast as flash.

The best-selling  book that i read everyday describes the strength, importance, significance of our minds. Allow me quote a few of them, “A good man out of the treasures of his heart brings forth good things and an evil heart brings forth bad things”. You see that this relationship is  mutually exclusive. A man is either good out of the beauty of his mind or he is evil, he cannot be both at the same time.

I really love how this particular part of this book puts it. It says, “keep your mind with all vigilance, for from it the spring of life flows”. This famous book i am talking about is the Bible, the book of proverbs contains the paraphrased statement.

You know how you protect or safe keep things or people we really love and dont want to lose? The bible tells us to protect our minds like  that, we should be watchful and mindful of the kinds of things we feed our minds with. The things, people, thoughts, pictures we allow to have rooms or mansions in our hearts always find a way to manifest in our lives.Thus, the emphasizes on guarding our minds.

Another part of this book says a joyful heart is like medicine to the body but a crushed spirit crushes the bones. We should form the habit of encouraging our minds, feed it with healthy, edifying substance stuff everyday

Our minds can travel as far as we want , be confined to a room, it has no elastic limit. I recommend that we indulge in nuturing our minds. Allow our minds flutter, go on adventures,explore,ingest good stuff, exercise. Allow our minds feel, to be free because short and long run, our lives are manifestations of our minds.


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