How On Earth can I achieve good success?! The Millennial Joshua

How on earth am I supposed to influence these people?!

The people God has called me to lead

The people I have been told to share God’s word

I should roll with them, understand how they do things

I should blend in with them

Try things their way

They should see that I am cool too

I should jump on the latest trend

I probably need to be a popular leader

I probably need some type of validation from my peers

I do not want to be or seem like I am opinionated or self-righteous

I should be liberal with your word

Your word that I share

wait a second God

Just one more minute on Instagram Lord

That’s one of the ways I stay  in the know, Lord

Just One-minute and I’d be back to take instructions from you, Lord

Oh! just one more video, this would be the last

how on earth did one video turn into ten?

and one minute to a hundred minutes?!

How on earth Lord?!

It’s hard Lord!

To spend time with you and still listen to you clearly

To do what you what me to do, Lord

To tell the world the exact things you want me to

It is so damn hard!

How on earth can I stay trendy, in the know and still follow you, Lord!


I’d like to win souls for your Kingdom Lord

I’d like to show the world that being a young Christian isn’t boring

It can be a lot of fun

How on earth do I show them, Lord?

I probably should try to act like them, be like them, so they can accept me.

And probably they’d see you

They probably would like me and listen to what I have to say when I blend in to be like them

God :

There is no way on earth you can achieve greatness and please God

There is no way on earth you can Godfluence these people

There are only ways from heaven that you can lead these people

Look up to heaven!

Look up to me who made these people you are so eager to please!

Look at me!

Does it make sense to please the children that I created when I am right here?

Look up to the heavens; that is the only way and how you can stay relevant

Only in looking up to me can you stand out, stay relevant even after your death

Looking on earth for relevance is looking for fame that fades; fame that doesn’t endure the test of time.

Let your mind be stayed and focused on the King of Kings

For the Vision is for an appointed time

Wait, Trust me

Don’t be in such a hurry to “blow”!

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