Cheers to Us, Dreamers and Achievers!

I just had the most Impressing and vivid dream ever!

The kind of dream that leaves an impression

Not only in your heart but also in your spirit

Your spirit man is very convinced that this dream,

Is of the Lord.

I had this dream twice!

Ever sure sign that this dream has been established to come to pass


Glory to the King of Kings

For I am going to be sort after by Kings & Queens

Men & Women will come from far and wide to listen to the wisdom of God

Spurring from my lips.

So did my dream tell me,

so did my God tell me in my dream.

I am so excited in my spirit; I cannot contain it.

This joy that I feel all by myself

My father and maybe my step brothers must share in my joy.

That perhaps was the worst mistake I have ever made.

The worst mistake I will ever make in my entire life

As I write to you from my prison floor.

The wise man knew what he was saying when he said,

“He who guards his tongue guards his life” – Proverbs 13:3

How on earth am I going to speak the wisdom of God to Kings and Queens?

Will they come to see the rising of a prisoner?

I probably should have thanked my God about it

Incubated that great dream

Nurtured it,

Fed it,

Prayed about it ,

Allowed myself to be led by my God to whom to speak with about it.

Till it was fully grown & blown

And too big to be hid from the world

Now on my prison floor

My ears are filled with trickles of tears flowing from my eyes

My nights filled with sobbs as my chest opens and contracts simultaneously

The walls of the prison close in on me, and this feeling of loneliness engulfs me afresh, every night

Feeling of betrayal

But You O’Lord! Are my present Help in my times of trouble

But You O’Lord! Are a shield for me

But You O’Lord! Are My Glory and the Lifter of my head from my bent position on this floor.

Morning after morning I am faced with the reality of my prison walls

And whatever my hands find doing, I do them very well.

If it meant listening to another man unburden his worries on me, I listened extremely well.

If it meant cleaning the dirts on the floors & walls that brings me so much pain, I did it extremely well.

If it meant using my talents to edify or help my prison mate, I did really well.

All by the Grace of my Living God

If Only I had known that He was taking His time to mould me

To Shape me,

To Fill me with His wisdom

To fill me with His presence

To instill patience and longsuffering in me.

Endurance which helped shaped my experience

Experience I was able to bring to my dream job. as a Prime Minister.

My dream did not die, the prison walls did not choke my dream

For my dream was for an appointed time.

Although it seemed like it tarried

God was working out everything for my good.

Don’t stop dreaming my beloved, do not give up hope on what God has told you because everything that happens to you all happens for your good as long as you love God and are called and walking in accordance to His purpose.. Joseph, son of Jacob. –

Read my full story in Genesis Chapters 37,38,40,41


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