I closed my eyes for a few seconds

Then opened them only to notice a different ambiance. 

I didn’t see angels, I didn’t lights, I didn’t see the streets of gold anymore 

I saw faces, not so familiar faces

A man that had a smile that was about to tear his mouth apart

A woman’s face who had a mix of joy and exhaustion on her face

I was confused, why did I close my eyes?

Where was I now?

I had mixed feelings I burst into tears, loud uncontrollable tears

To my surprise 

My tears brought even more joy to their faces.

I was even more confused

I was so delicate and tender; I guess that was what made me so malleable 

I was taking shape of everything that hit me.

My circle was so small, just me, my dad and my mum

So I was taking shape of the things they hit me with.

Things they taught me, the words they used on me

As time went on, I realized my circle became larger

I started to roll with a larger circle

My dad, my mum, my Sunday school teacher, my school teachers, Fatima, Jacob, Folorunsho, Rashida and the rest of them

I began to take shape of my larger circle

I became bloated, disfigured, shapeless.

I was Floating in the air

What a disfigure I had become 

Taking shape of everything I was hit with.

I had become a dumping site, a mess 

A messed up teen

I ran to Chudi hoping he would clean me up, puncture my ‘bloatedness’

But He smudged me with even more mess

We inhaled and exhaled of that substance

Took me to a  climax, our hands and legs locked to each other 

Our bodies covered with so much dirt

No amount of washing could take it out

I learned later that only a red liquid could take it all out- that red potent liquid.

Then an Aunt saw me in my mess, looked me in my eyes and called me Gold!

O’God! It hit me! I was Gold, I came from the streets of Gold 

How had I forgotten?

I am Gold.

So I began to dig deep into the word 

Engraved the word in my heart

So I began to mirror my life with the word

And shine like the gold that I am.

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