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On this fateful day which started out beautiful, but by night I had become so furious with a friend of mine. I was so so livid I wanted to just scream at this friend. I kept pacing, making expressions with my face and my hands, eventually I poured  my anger on paper using my pen. 

The one thing that kept me from exploding was,”What would Jesus have me do in this situation?”  Would he react this way or not? 

In the bid to not offend God, I tried my hardest to restrain from expressing my anger the way my body wanted to. 

By the next day I was thankful for allowing my love for God and my wanting to please Him to overrule.  My friend did the sweetest thing for me the next day, I kept thinking to myself- “what if I had reacted in such a horrible manner yesterday?”

Thank God I didn’t

This second story I want to tell really bursted my head (shifted so many things in my head and mind positively)

I saw clips of a video by Fela and Tara Durotoye, they are an amazing couple and team from Nigeria. You can watch the video here

                        stay with me , I am headed somewhere

The above video which I have linked had the couple describe a phase in the first eight months of their lives. Mrs Tara, his wife wanted to leave the marriage because she was convinced that Mr Fela did not love her anymore.

In his word, he said she could leave but rest assured that she wasn’t coming back to His house once she left because he didn’t tell her to leave.

Fast forward to now, this power couple have been married for so many years and they are successful in their fields making so much impact in the society.

But I can bet you that, that wouldn’t have been the case if Mrs Tara had left or if they had divorced. In my opinion, the fear of the Lord saved their marriage from that particular storm.

Mr Fela Described how he heard the voice of God clearly and how he was led to a scripture to affirm God’s word concerning the matter. Thank God he had a relationship with God that he could recognize God’s voice, thank God he was obedient to the voice of the Lord, and thank God he feared God.

Contrary to “popular” or “unpopular” opinion, to fear God doesn’t mean to to be afraid of God

To fear God doesn’t mean to be afraid of Him or to be scared to speak to Him 

It means:

  • To know Him,to know the things He smiles at and the things he frowns at.
  • To know the things God is able to do and be completely obedient to His will even if it may seem foolish in the eyes of man. E.g. Noah, Abram  during His time Genesis 6:22,Genesis 12:1-9
  • To do what is right even in the midst of wrongs Genesis 7:1
  • To know the commandments of God and to stay committed to keeping them. Genesis 39:6-9
  • To recognize the voice of God and to obey Him when He speaks
  • To acknowledge God for everything He does in our lives
  • To tell the whole world about God and His love.
  • To avoid all forms of sin like a plague
  • To have spiritual Insight 
  • To respect God
  • To give sacrificially to God just like Abram Genesis 22:1-15
  • To be equally yoked with men and women who fear God
  • To stand and speak the truth even in the face of death
  • To remain incorruptible
  • To abstain from any form of rebellion
  • To meet with God daily
  • Above all is to know Him, have an experiential knowledge of God

Only if everybody in the world feared and acknowledged God, we would not have angry, bitter people roaming the streets.

Only if everybody in the world feared God, we would not have people reacting  irrationally to matters arising

Only if everybody in the world feared God, we would not have broken homes and failed marriages

Only if everybody in the world feared God, there will be zero corruption

How beautiful the world of humans would be if only we all feared God and stayed committed to reverencing Him.

While we wait for the whole world to have the fear of God, how about you?


Live a life of wisdom which stems from the reverence of the lord.- Proverbs 9:10 and see the difference it makes in your life and in the lives of people around you.


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