What kind of tree are you? (Purpose)

 ‘A man had an apple tree planted in his front yard. He came to it expecting it to find apples but there weren’t any. He said to His gardener, what’s going on here? I have come to this tree expecting apples and not one apple have I found. Chop it down! Why waste good ground with it any longer?’ Luke 13 verses 6 & 7 (The Message bible)


This was Jesus illustrating the parable of the ‘barren fig tree’ to those who cared to listen.

Thing is we all are like trees planted on planet earth to bear some certain kinds of fruits- apples, banana, grape and so on. Do we even know the kinds of fruit tree we are?

God has created every individual for a purpose, for certain assignments, to achieve and excel at while on earth. Do not just think you were created to occupy space or just to make money. There is a lot to life than to while away time or just load up bank accounts.

Now the man in this illustration can be likened to the most high God, the owner of the vineyard. God owns the earth and everything in it. He deemed it fit to plant different trees (we humans) in His vineyard (earth) so the world can benefit from our fruits and also bring glory to His name.

How long have you been on earth? How long ago did God plant you on here? Are you bearing the fruits He has planted you to?

Year after year, when God comes to check up on you, does He have an apple or is it grape to pluck? Does your tree flourish?

Because our trees (lives) are supposed to flourish like that planted by a stream, yield fruits in its due season and succeed in everything we do~psalm 1 verse 3

A time will come when God will come do a  check on our lives, He discovers we are not bearing the fruits He has created us  to yield, He would just cut such individual off. Might not be literal, like cut you off with a saw or something, He’d just watch you do your thing; of course doing your thing without God’s assistance is a lot of struggle. The thing is working outside the will of God means losing out on the benefits of working with Him; like His angels watching over you, His guidance, divine shield, good success, easy victory, peace inexplicable…. the list is endless.


‘The gardener’s response, Let’s us give it another year I will dig around it and fertilize it and maybe it will produce next year; if it does not then chop it down. ’ Luke 13 verses 8 & 9


Now the gardener here can be likened to Jesus our mediator, He keeps talking to God on our behalf for a second chance, for another year to see if we would turn new leaves, start to bear fruits. There of course would be a time limit till God makes His final decision about ‘trees’ that are just wasting good ground.

Do you still  not get what I am driving at yet?

You! You have things already written about you for your accomplishment here on earth. There is a purpose for you on here, the earlier you know this and start working on it, towards it the better for everyone, the best for you.

There are three things I know for sure about God’s purpose for you and i. They are

  • Your gifts and talents which come naturally to you are pointers to your purpose on here. So you take time out, identify them, write them down and see what use they can be of  to you and the world
  • Your purpose will definitely bring praise and glory to God’s name. The things God has called you to do, once you get to it will cause people to marvel and thank God on your behalf, thank God for being such a  blessing to the world.
  • Your purpose will be of some service to mankind, make life better for somebody or a number of people.

Your purpose is unique to you, so you go the extra mile to find out what peculiarities your fruit tree has.

In summary, your purpose is to serve God and mankind with your gifts and talents. You will definitely find fulfillment, good, sustainable success while you at it, trust God. Has He called you to inspire the world with your drawings, draw away my friend, has He called you to help prepare assets and liabilities of individuals or corporates; be accountable, Has He is called to sing, to uplift souls of men through your songs?  Sing away to His glory my love. What has he called you to do?

Thing is don’t go about writing someone else’s story here on earth. It is another year, a fresh start, a clean slate. God has given you another chance to bear the exact fruit He has planted you to bear.

How on earth can you know exactly what you have been called to do with your gifts? What skill set do you need to acquire to do what is required of you by God?  It is by asking darling, ask God. Ye who seek will find, if you ask, you would get answers, knock and the door would be opened unto you.

In addition abide in Jesus christ, the real vine and allow God prune you so you can bear more fruits~ John 15: 1


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