Lend My Ears For Free

The other week, I went through a week where I was deep in a dark hole. I literally was crashing on the inside but I still had to show up to work, show up at meetings, I was making people laugh.

I was just floating when all I wanted to was just be by self with God.

This week as I remember what I went through, I am thankful for my parents who were the only ones who had an inkling of what I was going through and encouraged me with words, God’s words and prayers.

As I replay events in my head, I am thinking about so many people who are just floating through life and just making appearances just like myself last week.

I really would love to help. I completely do not care about your identity, I only desire that you blossom in your spirit, health and life.

ok, let me rephrase that; I understand that you may have concerns about your privacy, being judged and so on. I promise you by the grace of God, this is a no judgement & secured zone by the grace of God.

All I want to do is use the gifts God has given me to help you. God has blessed me with amazing listening ears and the ability & zeal to pray for people.

So if you ever need someone to listen to you and pray with you or pray for you, please schedule an anonymous meeting with me  here.

If you are ok with being known, great! schedule an appointment with me here as well.