About me

I was born a Christian, I literally inherited the religion. I grew up accustomed to the ritual of going to church on Sundays, if I needed blessings or success in an exam-pray to God.

Thinking about it, it really was a shallow experience. I did believe in a supreme God, I was relatively a good girl, kept away from certain things for the wrong reasons though.

Although in my third year in the university I did try to have a relationship with God, I would observe my morning devotion, pray before I went to bed, paid more attention in service on Sunday. I think this is where the buildup came from.

Fast forward to year 2016, my soul got saved in such a way I did not envisage. All I wanted was join a group in church because I was idle. I was asked to join foundational class; gradually my soul was transformed, until its full transformation. Then I began to understand Christianity, God’s plans for me, His children, His church.

Christianity, I have come to realize is a way of life is the way I choose to live. To live like Christ, living it with Jesus Christ as my mentor and a role model. The ways He led His life can be found in the bible and also learnt through the Holy Spirit.

Jesus Christ was born of a woman just like we all, He went through school, got trained. He filled Himself with so much, so He could pour out virtues to the world. He went through due process to fulfill Gods plans for His life.

He had a relationship with God, He spoke with God daily. He lived a life of service to God and man, which I believe is the ultimate purpose of life. Jesus poured it all out, He died empty.

I have learnt a lot in my one year plus journey with God, some epic realizations I just cannot contain by myself. I will be sharing my victories, realizations, thoughts since I began my walk with God and as I continue with Him.

My name is Abimbola Oluwabunmi Ayodele.