I wore His glory!

Prepped and Prepped for that big day

Nights of no-sleep

Days of rehearsing that speech

Mornings of fondling with scripts

had to go for the kill

Had to do only the best on this one

This was the only chance I had at this

I would be your eternal glory, He said

Your light will shine before men, He said

Arise and shine, He said!

My light will be your eternal light He said.

His light gives light to me

His light shines so brightly, nothing has overcome it.

His glory avails to me

His light is my adornment 

It is my accessory

His presence, my fragrance

I can wear it any time, any day

What are we friends for!!!!!

On this big day, I asked Him

Lord, can you cloud me with your glory

Can you wear me your light

Can you spray me some of your presence 

He said, sure! 

Go for it!!!

I stepped out with His fragrance all on me

Everyone asked who I was wearing 

The Lord's presence, I said 😊

I stepped into the room to be questioned

And I was beheld with so much awe

I knew right away 

The interviewer didn't see me anymore

He saw the glory of the Lord 

The glory I wore on this fateful day

His eyes kept glittering with so much awe

I couldn't help but smile internally

The deal was signed, He liked my personality 

LOL! It was the personality of God, my friend he saw.

On this day I wore the glory of my friend 

And on this day I won.



The Lord is my eternal light and glory- Isaiah 60:19-20

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