Discernment is knowing when my actions do not please God or not

Discernment is knowing when a human is showing me his/her through character or just putting on a show for me.

It is also knowing when a man or woman is telling lies to me or pretending.

Discernment is knowing when a word is not from my God but a lure by the devil to disrupt God’s plans for my life.

Discernment is understanding when things need to be dealt with spiritually and not just physically.

Discernment is knowing a man or woman who is genuinely walking with God or the devil

Discernment is knowing some mountains would not move except by praying and fasting; also mountains would not move except you praise God or pray or do both.

Discernment is seeing past a friendship; knowing when and if a friend truly has has your best interests at heart.

Discernment is knowing that a business venture is not for me, it is not what God has called me to do even though everybody is prospering at it. Knowing that I’d fail at it “cause God hasn’t called me to it is called discernment.

Discernment is knowing the failure that God allowed to bring me back on track; it is knowing I have not been called to that field hence the repeated failures.

Discernment is also knowing when it isn’t a God-type of failure, it is knowing that there is a battle to conquer, a victory to claim in Jesus name.

Discernment is knowing when to fight a war and when to hide because it is not yours to fight.

Discernment is knowing when or if to accept a gift or refuse the gift.

Discernment is being able to differentiate God’s blessings from distractions from the plans of God

Discernment is knowing a way that seemeth right but the end thereof is destruction. Proverbs 14:12

Discernment is knowing when to press on or let go.

Discernment is knowing if I should pursue a career although it does not look viable to human eye.

Discernment is knowing the difference between the favour of God and the deception of the devil.

Discernment is fueled by the spirit of God, it is fueled by constant pruning and tuning of my spirit man to the heart and mind of GOd.

The spirit of discernment becomes alive and begins operation in me when I die everyday to flesh and rise everyday to a new life with Christ

How and what do I mean?

I will be killing my flesh and raising my spirit man when I speak to God about someone who just made me angry and ask Him for His opinion instead of gossiping about that person.

I will be killing my flesh and raising my spirit man when I spend more of my time with God than on social media

I will be killing my flesh when I do not allow my anger to find expression through my action. Rather, I will be raising my spirit man if I allow the Holy spirit take control, calm me down when I am angry.

I will be killing my flesh when I pray in the spirit often

I will be killing my flesh when I pray and wait to listen to what God has to say to me.

I will be killing my flesh when i stripp myself before the Lord often and show Him all my struggles with sin and cry to Him for help.

Are you killing your flesh too?

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