young maiden was I 

Groomed for my king 

For the day He came to possess my entirety 

Ate fruits high in vitamins

My spirit had to be fit for my king

It had to match His purity

He could not be repulsed by me or my spirit

Drank of the milk 

the millk He prescribed for His bride


Milk glazed with honey 

Which gives strength to the bones of its drinker 

Milk so sweet

Drank of the water, the water!

Water that replenishes

It gives life.

A lot of exercises to burn the excesses

I just had to be fit for my king 

I became United with Him😊

Then the climax of our union

I called Him the names He likes to be called 

Worshipped the ground He walked on

Worshipped Him,

African woman style.

Waiting for Him to come into me

To ravage the rest of whatever needed to go out of my body 

Wanted bad for Him to possess my entirety 

In my room, He took me

Filled me till I started to pour

Never felt so much satisfaction 

His touch, feel and in-filling

The core of my belly erupted 

Into a rush of a flowing river.

It was evident, I burst out in tongues.

Tongues only Him could understand 

I can bet

This must have stimulated Him

’cause He kept going on and on

The flow didn’t stop neither 

It had such an exhilarating effect 

Like all my dirt daunted past was being replaced with a new life

With a new glow

I became pregnant 

His seed was sown

I became pregnant with this new life

With so much greatness 

He still meets with me often

A faithful King He is, the Holy Ghost 

Each meet makes the carriage a lot easier 

His in-filling gives me new strength 

New strength to please Him and birth His.

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