The story of my life must be heard 

The struggle and pain will forever live in my words

Time changes, season changes but I still remain 

Stuck in a never ending cycle 

Hoping to break free from unforeseen circumstances 

Waiting to be freed 

While Doubt and fear are weighing down my wings 

But I still hope 

Because in darkness I do dream 

But let’s get down to it

They say we have freedom of speech 

But I definitely can’t use my free will to speak

many good ideas are being forced to be held down 

While they hopelessly wish for me to stand out 

But that’s for another story 

I’ve seen good people suffer 

I’ve seen bad people prosper 

I see good things that are being shut down 

While evil and greediness bursts forth

I’ve seen the strong being shaken up by little things that can be described as the unforeseen 

Tears of sadness becomes tempestuous in their hearts 

And our boats of reassurance sets out to sail but quickly starts to sink due to our weight-full doubts 

But nevertheless

My story has now become their story 

And their story has become our story 

And our past will be marked down in history 

And now God’s love has melted my aching chains 

God’s love shines with warmth which unravel my wings

With His profound love, I now take my rightful place as king.

Finally, I have been freed.


                                                             Ayodeji Daniels wrote this.



Set me free from my distress, then in the assembly of your people I will Praise you because of your goodness to me. Psalm 142:7

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