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Show the devil who is Lord! (A poem)

To God be the Glory

Great Things He has done

So loved He the world that He gave us His son

Who Yielded His life as Atonement for Sin


It didn't just wake up and showed up at your door one morning

Yes, it sure was going up and down

looking for a home or house to gain grounds

Yes, it sure was shooting shots

To see whose heart it's wicked cupid arrows would hit

You were unguarded

Perhaps oblivious of his tricks and tactics

You thought he usually showed up at people's doors

with horrible red horns on his head

looking really scary and horrible.


He crept in on you as a little jealousy

Your friend told you about her major win

And you were genuinely happy

But from nowhere, you felt just a little jealous

and wished she didn't get that promotion

Shot fired!

That was the one of the fiery dart of the enemy Apostle Paul told us to be vigilant about.

You should have put it under the subjection & authority of the most High King!

You should have rebuked such a thought and sent it to the pit of hell

But you thought it was nothing.

Now you are facing charges for murder of your friend

You think to yourself, how did I get here?

How did I kill my own friend?

It was that little seed

the little arrow

the small foot at your door, that you refused to weed out.

You gave it room to grow and overstay it's welcome

It grew fat

Fat into a monster:ENVY!

And then into resentment

And into an evil outburst that caused you to kill.

A little flirts here and there

You are child of God,

there is noway you would fall!

he laughs hysterically because he is so confident in his technique

A foot in the door and he would gain full access.

Flirtatious words fly here and there

These dirty thoughts come to you when you are byself

And you indulge it

Thinking, they are just mere thoughts.

I am a child of God, there is no way I am falling

Yes, you are a child of God with the ability to confess life and death with your tongue.

So You speak death to whatsover dirty thoughts comes to your mind

Speak death to the dirty foot you see at your door

Nullify any shot fired at you with your tongue by the power in the name of Jesus.

he would obey because, every knee bows, every tongue confesses that Jesus Christ is Lord!

Lord over envy,

Lord over pride,

Lord over fornication,

Lord over gossip.......

Jesus Christ is Lord over anything that tries to snatch you away from the hands and presence of God


Moral- Guard your heart from besetting sins, because it all starts from your mind. Guard your heart with all diligence because out of it flows rivers of life. Proverbs 4:23

Use Your Tongue wisely to rebuke and send dirty thoughts away from your mind. Because Life & Death is in the power of the Tongue. Proverbs 18:21

God help us in Jesus name.

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