Seven (7) Things God Hates.

I’d like to think of myself as an extremely blessed individual, God looked at me, smiled at me, saved me and brought me into His marvelous light at such a young age. I thought I was living my best life, not knowing God had even more in store for me. In my teens, God anointed me to become a King to reckon with. I really did not expect that, neither did I see that coming! Like how amazing can God be in one’s life!

From there and then onward, I became even more committed in my relationship with God. I couldn’t bear to break His heart in any form or way, to make Him happy always was what I strived for. And as I did that, I really did experience such intimacy and closeness with Him such that my words may not be able to describe right now.

Although I experienced moments, periods in my life when I probably doubted what He had said would happen; for example He anointed me to rule over His chosen people while I was a teenager but I didn’t get to seat comfortably on my throne as king until about twenty years after.

Yeah, It is was tough, mate! But God was with me through it all.

But that isn’t the story I want to share with you today, I’d like to share something that happened to me when I became king. I used to pride myself in being extremely humble but looking at things in retrospect, perhaps I had a little tiny bit of pride in me.

“In the spring,at the time when kings go off to war, I sent someone else, my men and the whole army at my disposal to fight” – II Samuel 11:1

I do not know what I was thinking not to go out with my men in battle! Like that wasn’t bad enough, I allowed my eyes to wander off lustfully at a married woman and even took it further to commit adultery with her. She became pregnant and then it dawned on me what I had done. These things happen so fast!

I began to think how I could cover my tracks and not get found out. I mean, how would it sound to hear that a king had impregnated one of his soldier’s wife!

First, I invited the soldier over to my palace, I got him drunk in the hopes that he would go home to his wife and perhaps have sex with her. And then we all may be happy, thinking he is the father of the growing foetus in his wife’s womb. But that plan of mine failed woefully! He didn’t go back to his wife at home. – II Samuel 11:6-12

Since my first plan failed, I decided to try something else; I connived with my head of army staff to murder the poor soldier. I write this from a place of deep regret and sorrow, it is inexplicable how my heart and mind got so grim but please stay with me as I finish my story.

The poor soldier Uriah was murdered at the war front, fighting for his country, fighting for the people he loved with the hopes of going back to his beautiful wife at home but I killed him, I cut the life of a brave soldier short for my selfish reasons.

Even worse for me was the fact that I did not realize the disconnect between myself and my lover,God. It had not dawned on me that there was some form of separation between us that He had to send a prophet to speak to me.

But the thing I had done had displeased GodII Samuel 11:27

I was greatly punished for the things I did and my overall behaviour. My baby died, I was not given the pleasure or honor to build the most beautiful temple for my lover because I had blood on my hands. But I am thankful, God could call me back to order and I am still very well known as the man after God’s heart. This amongst other events put me in order and fueled my pursuit of God’s heart. ~ King David.

The above story of King David speaks volumes about what sin can do to a relationship with God. Although the king was a man after God’s heart, there were certain things that he could do that could cause some form of separation from God.

The king went from being the man who was sensitive about the things God loved and wanted to becoming the man who the prophet of God had to explain God’s heart to. And it all started with a little sin of shying away from his responsibilities as a king, to moving on to allowing his eyes to wander off on a naked woman, to sleeping with a married woman and eventually killing her husband.

Little did he know that as he progressed on the evil chart, God drew farther away from Him. I believe that it isn’t God’s intention or want to draw away from us but it is just what sin does by default.

Sin is like that unwanted dark cloud that comes when it rains that prevents us from seeing the beautiful clear skies in all its glory.

My thought is buttressed by the fact that God had to send a prophet to speak to King David. Since God couldn’t reach the king anymore due to the cloud of sin upon Him, God deviced another means to reach him.

In the same way, God has given us His word on the pages of the bible to help us stay connected with Him. Amongst the things to help keep us in check are the seven things that God absolutely detests as pointed out in Proverbs 6:16-19 :

  • One With a proud Look : God absolutely resists the proud and would have nothing to do with one who is proud- James 4:6. As we enjoy God’s blessings, wealth, let us be careful that it doesn’t get into our heads, shoulders or eyes. Because if care isn’t taken, pride will find its way into our li
  • Tongues that lie
  • Hands that Kill innocent people
  • A heart that plots evil – just like the king in the above story who first conceived in his heart to kill an innocent man. In the same light, as little as thinking or planning evil against anybody pushes God away from us.
  • A feet that race to do wrong
  • A false witness who tells lies
  • And a person who causes conflicts

Some amongst these things king David did and the bible tells us explicitly in II Samuel 11:27 that God was displeased with it. Therefore as we go on with our lives, let us continue to always examine our lives to ensure that we are in good standing with God always.

My the Holy spirit of God keep helping us in Jesus name,

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