My Excerpts from God is a match maker-Derek & Ruth Prince

I got into a relationship with a friend from another faith some years ago because we really liked each others company, we enjoyed talking to each other a whole lot and didn’t seem like anyone was getting tired soon. Although I knew we could not end up together forever, we talked about it and agreed we were living the moment, we would see what the future held for us.

I was in a relationship with a certain guy cause we seemed to click and all my friends, roommates were in a relationship. So I jumped in immediately he asked

And then this really good guy, I knew would make an amazing partner forever but oh!well….

All these relationships failed, it was such an emotional wreck for me at the different times.

Solid relationships do not thrive because your significant other can hold amazing conversations, looks good or has a great job or because he/she has a good head over his/her shoulder.

I understand now that love is the most amazing gift God gave to man; it is such a beautiful thing. God gave us insight on how to recognize this beautiful gift once you see it.

Love is patient and kind, it is not jealous or conceited or proud. Love is not ill-mannered or selfish or irritable, it does not keep a record of wrongs. Love is not happy with evil but with the truth. Love never gives up; its faith, hope and patience never fail. I Corinthians 13:4-7

If it ever fails, it was and is not love. God is the God of love, who has bestowed us with such an amazing gift, I put it to you that nobody can love flawlessly as described above until he/she spends quality time with God.

Only in time spent with God would you understand what love is, how to identify it, how to live a life in expression of love. Only after spending quality time with God, would you start to ooze Godly characters such as LOVE.

For the love of love and everybody around me seems to be into the season of love at the moment, I decided to re-read a book I got from a friend early last year. Thank you Temitope Oludare for sharing your book😊

The book has such a catchy title which got me all curious to delve in; God is a match maker- Derek & Ruth Prince. I picked up things I did not recognize nor understand last year, you all should have a read of the book though. I would only be sharing excerpts

Derek Prince had about 52years of experience in  marriage till he passed away in 2003. He was married to his first wife, Lydia who was years older than him for 30 years till she passed away. His second marriage was consummated in 1976, lasted another 22years till She was called to glory. Both marriages thrived, followed a certain standard laid down by God.

In this book, Derek Prince shared how he was led by God to both partners at different times, interestingly they both followed the same standard, God’s standard. Ruth Prince also shared her own story from her perspective, I repeat, it is a must read if you desire a type of relationship that thrives.

Derek Prince had established his relationship with God after a personal encounter in his room sometime in 1940.In his relationship with God, God had began to groom him to be the kind of husband he should be to his wife.

So marriage is God’s establishment, He saw the need of man and thus created for him a help mate. God knows the kind of mate we need, He could choose just the person we need if we allow Him and walk with Him; He chose Eve for Adam.

God presented Eve to Adam; he did not have to go in search of her. God has ordained the life of a man and woman together; its end purpose is unity.

Now, what is this standard?

Offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God~ Romans 12:1

Now I am assuming you have accepted Jesus as your friend, Lord and savior. If you have not, you can say the short prayer at the end of my blog post here

It is a sacrifice that God requires of us for His plan, His perfect plan to work. To offer your bodies as a living sacrifice to God is to allow God take control of the things you do with your bodies, allow Him take control of the things you ingest into your bodies and ultimately living your life in service of the most High God.

The first benefit of living this kind of life is that your life becomes holy, set apart, sanctified; God dwells in Holy temples. As we continue to lead lives in total surrender to God, our lives become transformed, our priorities, thoughts begin to align with that of God. God will do for us things we could not achieve by ourselves and then we begin to discover God’s plans for our lives.

God’s revelation of His plans is usually progressive, as we grow in relationship with Him. First realization is God’s plans for you is good, then pleasing and climaxes at perfection.

God does not reveal His plans to carnal minds/souls, minds unsanctified, unholy, not set apart for Him

Derek Prince allowed himself to be led by the Holy Spirit (only one who has completely surrendered can be led) to a children’s home in Palestine where he met Lydia who cared for children God sent to her. These were two individuals at different parts of the world, living lives in honor of the most high God. God saw to their meeting, they were united for 30 years. Despite the fact that she was in her 40s and he was in his 30s, it was no barrier, God was involved, they had followed the standard, it just could not fail,it did not fail.

God was with him in his bereavement, he found solace in God and His word. Still living as a living sacrifice, God blessed him with many gifts, one of which was the gift of healing- one of the benefits of living a life pleasing to God.

God led him to go pray for a lady who had written to him. He visited her office, he was told she had a back injury, so he went to pray for her. He could have just told them to send his regards, prayed for her from where he was. But he followed the leading of the Holy spirit and he was led to his wife, Ruth Derek.

His ministry expanded and their love blossomed.

He said something, there are  billions of people in the world, God is working on individuals, preparing them for their mates. How on earth will you find that specific individual if you do not allow yourself to be led by God’s spirit-the Holy Spirit?

It is not enough to just pray, you need to become sensitive to the voice of God and the leading of His spirit.

In summary to get hitched with your perfect match, you need to allow the Holy spirit to lead you and this happens only when

  1. You have accepted Jesus Christ as your friend, lord and savior,
  2. You are baptized with the Holy ghost, check out my post on how I got baptized here
  3. Spend quality time with God
  4. Lastly live a life of service to God by your action, thought, everything. There is a lot of tendency that this would be easy if you do a, b and c above.


I do pray we are able to discover God’s plans for our lives, and live in unity with that perfect somebody.🌝


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