The world is full of depths and heights, hence scientists keep making new discoveries and would still keep finding new things. But no matter how much they look and find, there are certain things that cannot be seen or understood by the physical eyes or the human mind.

There are certain principles, laws, precepts, orders that govern the universe many of us are not aware of, I pray the Holy spirit keeps revealing these things to us as we grow each day in Jesus name. One of these things are covenants, I would be sharing a few things that I have learnt and still learning about covenants.

Covenants are agreements between two parties which are usually spiritually binding in the lives of parties involved; eventually these covenants lead to physical manifestations in the lives who agreed to the covenant. Sometimes, these parties are aware of the covenant they agreed to and other times these parties lack knowledge of the covenants

More About Covenants

1. There are two kinds of covenants

a. The kind backed by God– This is usually a kind between God and His children and it is usually consummated by the spirit of God. For example God had a covenant with Abram,He promised him a son and the scripture said Abram trusted God. Therefore there was a mutual agreement between God and Abram to give and receive a son.

It could also be a covenant between two individuals approved and blessed by God. For example, a man who leaves his parents to be joined in holy matrimony with his wife.

b. The kind backed by the devil– This is the kind of agreement supervised by the devil. It usually involves acts of disobedience to God, it usually involves the parties involved engaging in acts of rebellion towards God. For example – Judas agreeing to give Jesus away for a price (which was later on referred to as blood money) Matthew 27:4-6. He ended up killing himself, he had exchanged his soul for money

Nowadays, we hear of individuals agreeing to sell their souls to the devil for exchange of wealth and fame.

It could also be between two parties disapproved by God and encouraged by the devil. It could be a wrong marriage between a man and a woman or a same sex marriage. As long as it wasn’t approved by God, it is a covenant controlled by the devil.

2.Covenants can affect clueless generations – After God had promised Abram a son and many descendants, He went ahead to promise Abraham that his descendants would inherit a great expanse of land from the border of Egypt to the Euphrates River. This great grand kids and descendants of his had no clue neither were there present when the covenant was made. His descendants did go ahead to possess these lands.

The same goes when an evil covenant is entered into by our great grandparents or ancestors. We may just suffer from such evil covenants if we do not address it.

3. There are conditions that fuel covenants– More than often, covenants stay binding under legal grounds under certain conditions. God’s covenant with His children stays effective if we keep playing our parts.For example one of God’s covenant with His children is prosperity and possession of lands we tread on but we have to obey Him,Love Him and obey His commands for this covenant to stay binding in our lives. Deuteronomy 30:16

God also promises everyone who believes in His son, Jesus Christ everlasting life- John 3:16

The same goes for the devil’s covenants, most often sin gives these kinds of covenants room to thrive.

4. A Symbolic Item– Most times, there are physical items that serve as representation of these covenants. Other times there are symbolic objects or items or material that reminds parties involved about the covenant.

For example seeing the rainbow in the sky is a remembrance of the covenant that God had with Noah never to destroy the whole world with flood again. Genesis 9:11-17

Also circumcision of the male child on the eighth day is a symbol, remembrance and continuation of the covenant God had with Abraham to make him father of many nations. Genesis 17:2-14. Anyone who is not circumcised will be cut off from the lineage of Abraham and would not benefit from the everlasting covenant between God and Abraham. As I said above, covenants thrive under certain conditions.

The blood of Jesus, the cross is a symbol of the new covenant that God has with His children who believe in Jesus Christ.

5. Sex is a form of covenant with every soul you mate with– Sex was established by God to be engaged in in holy matrimony. This is a symbol of the unity between a man and his wife, both parties become one soul and flesh once they have sexual intercourse.

Sexual intercourse outside of marriage or outside the will of God is a sin and that disconnects us from the everlasting covenant of God filled with blessings and prosperity

Furthermore, sexual intercourse involves the exchange of blood, fluid and other components of individuals involved in the intercourse for them to become one flesh. Genesis 2:24 . Therefore it is advisable to have sex with only your spouse in Holy matrimony to avoid having leaving pieces of you and forming covenants with so many people we should have no business with.

6.Covenants usually stay binding for years– It is my understanding that covenants are really strongholds, they usually stay running in the background of people’s lives with or without their knowledge or consent. For example, we were not there when God promised Noah not to destroy the world with flood but then we get to see the rainbow.

The covenant God established with His children many years ago stays actively working for His children who have lived, who are living and even yet to live. Deuteronomy 7:9

The same applies for covenants with the devil,it could linger and go on from generation to generation. Our ancestors who may have served the devil may have made promises with the devil and these promises lingers from generation to generation.

7. Covenants can be broken or keyed into– Reading through the scripture God made different covenants with his friends and children -Noah, Abraham, David etc. We also see that the children of these people were able to benefit or not benefit from the covenants put in place.

All they needed to to do was :

a. have knowledge of the covenant

b. Abide by the instructions of the covenants

c. Pray it into manifestation in their lives

The same way we can do for existing evil covenants.

a.Once we have knowledge of such covenants

b. Derail from the things fueling the covenant e.g sin

c. Pray the covenant to lose its hold over your life.

May God help us in Jesus name.

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